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Multiliteracy & Communication Center

Need help? Watch this "how to" video on booking and navigating online appointments!

The Multiliteracy and Communication Center (MCC) currently offers online-only tutoring appointments to provide assistance to UMassD students, staff, and faculty. Tutors at the MCC can assist with any project involving communication—from written essays and presentations to grant applications and thesis projects/dissertations. Fall 2020 appointments will be available Tuesday, September 8th through Tuesday, December 15th.

All online tutoring sessions are conducted synchronously. This means that you will meet with your tutor using video and/or text chat in "real time" in a manner similar to a face-to-face session.

Please email MCC Director Dr. Elisabeth Buck at with any questions or issues accessing your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "multiliteracy" mean? 

The term multiliteracy, as defined by the New London Group in 1994, evolves the educational paradigm: multilerate pedagogies “accept and encourage a wide range of linguistic, cultural, communicative, and technological perspectives and tools being used to help students better prepare for a rapidly changing, globalized world." 

So, as an academic support center inclusive of mulltiliteracies, our goal is to help all UMassD students grow as independent and confident communicators—on the written page and across a variety of current and emerging platforms and technologies. 

What kinds of projects and assignments can MCC tutors assist with?

Most of what we assist with at the MCC involves helping composers brainstorm, interpret, and revise written texts. Tutors can work with you on essays and written assignments in all disciplines. We can, however, also help with projects that transcend, transform, or supplement the written word. These include presentations, public speaking assignments, statements of purpose, and video/audio-based projects. We always recommend that you try to book specifically with a tutor who has expertise in your given subject or assignment using the "Limit To" feature at the top of our scheduler.

If you need assistance with math, engineering, physics, or science subject tutoring, please visit UMassD's STEM Learning Lab. The UMassD Language Learning & Multimedia Lab provides tutoring and resources for PortugueseArabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish courses. 

How do I make an appointment at the MCC? 

In Fall 2020, we are offering online-only sessions. All appointments can be made online using our scheduling system. You must schedule an appointment at least a half hour prior to the appointment's start time, though we recommend booking at least twenty-four hours in advance. Appointments can be made for a half hour or a full hour, with a maximum of one appointment per day. The video at the top of this page illustrates how to make and access an online appointment. 

What can you expect from a session with a tutor at the MCC?

You and your tutor will meet and collaborate on your assignment. The tutor's purpose is not to edit or complete your work for you, but rather to help you understand the task and its objectives. Please log in to your appointment at least five minutes early and come prepared with your assignment guidelines, rubric, and your assignment draft. The goal here is to spark discussion that will encourage long-term growth in your abilities as a writer and composer.

What principles inform tutoring practices at the MCC?

We advocate for the principles outlined in professional position statements such as the Conference on College Compostion’s statement on Students’ Right to Their Own Language and the International Writing Center Association’s Position Statement on Racism, Anti-Immigration, and Linguistic Intolerance and Position Statement on the Use of the Singular “They.”

Who works at the MCC? How can I get a job there?

Our staff includes highly-trained undergraduate and graduate consultants from many majors and disciplines, including engineering, biology, psychology, political science, and the humanities. 

All undergraduate consultants without prior tutoring experience are required to enroll in and complete a three-credit training class, ENL 359: Tutoring Writing. This course also fulfills the University Studies 5B requirement. 

I'm an instructor and I'd like to require my students to make appointments at the MCC. Is this something I can do?

If you plan to require students to make an appointment at the MCC, we ask that you prepare students in advance: show them our "how to book an online appointment video" and have them write out questions or prepare specific aspects of their assignment they'd like to work on with their tutor. We find that required appointments tend to be most successful and useful if students have particular objectives and outcomes attached to their session. 

Can I follow the MCC on social media? 

Yes! Our social media sites include information about our upcoming events and workshops. Please check us out on Facebook,  Instagram, and TikTok

Administrative Team

Elisabeth Buck

Assistant Professor / Director, Multiliteracy & Communication Center

English & Communication
Liberal Arts 325


Joshua Botvin

Part Time Lecturer

English & Communication
Liberal Arts 201B



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