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Our Mission and Policies

Our mission at the Writing and Multiltieracy Center coheres in two main principles: accessibility and inclusivity

We also ask anyone who enters our space to adhere to our center policies

These statements were collaboratively written by the Spring 2023 cohort of WMC staff members and inspired by the excellent accessibility resources developed by Michigan State's Writing Center.

Statement on accessibility 

Our center defines access as the process of providing for all writers regardless of their background or writing experience with equitable tutoring services. 

We recognize that individuals can have varying and evolving needs due to many factors, whether visible or non-visible, created by institutional or contextual influences, or temporary life challenges. 

We recognize the process of accessibility as a part of social justice and so we strive to center diverse voices in conversations on what can be done to improve our center. 

We strive to be more accessible as a writing center by having both in-person and online tutoring services, adapting to individual learning preferences, and catering the session to the writer’s direct needs. 

Statement on inclusivity 

In correlation to our policies and hiring practices, we strive to create an environment of positivity and engagement while strictly addressing internal and external forms of inequality within the Writing and Multiliteracy Center.

Our goal here requires utilizing our resources to adapt to your needs. Everyone who steps into the Writing and Multiliteracy Center will be fully prioritized by our staff and tutors to the best of their ability. Our main focus is to continue to evolve over time in further creating a space where anyone may feel welcomed. 

We aim to create an inclusive space that accepts writers and amplifies their voices. The Writing and Multiliteracy Center is a judgment-free zone, and understands that everyone has different levels of writing ability, and we will work to establish a supportive team that works with one’s strengths and weaknesses within their skills. The Writing and Multiliteracy Center also aims to foster an antiracist environment to ensure inclusivity in the center.

Center policies

  • We firmly believe in mutual respect. We work to build a welcoming environment where everyone feels safe and supported across physical and virtual spaces. Offensive, discriminatory, or hurtful language and actions will not be tolerated; please be kind to everyone in the center.
  • We stress the importance of accessibility and inclusivity for all. Please be respectful of everyone and their identities.
  • While we value the importance of comfort and camaraderie at the center, please understand that our tutors are individuals who deserve to have their privacy and boundaries respected. Please refrain from asking tutors for their personal information or booking with a same tutor repeatedly without prior conversation with them. 
  • We encourage students to cancel or notify your tutor within an hour to a half hour before the start of the session if you will not be present. Do your best not to take the opportunity away from someone else!
  • Please note that more than two missed appointments automatically prevents you from booking sessions in the future.
  • We expect students to be present and prepared for tutoring sessions. That includes drafts, materials, directions, and rubrics. We appreciate students being engaged and utilizing the time they have reserved to work on their assignments.
  • Sometimes the tutor you might prefer to meet with will not be available. We ask that you keep an open mind and be willing to work with all members of our staff. 
  • We will do our best to help you achieve your academic goals but are not responsible for and cannot guarantee any particular grade.
  • For synchronous online appointments: please try to meet with your tutor during a time and in a place where you are able to focus on the conversation. Tutors cannot meet with you if you are operating a vehicle during your session. They will immediately end an appointment if they observe any safety concern. 
  • Please be conscious of the differences between tutoring and editing. Tutors cannot correct or revise your work for you, and you should not expect them to do this—all sessions will involve conversation and collaboration. 
  • We reserve the right to deny services to any individual who fails to adhere to these policies or does not come prepared to participate in their session. 
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