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Meet our Staff

WMC Director Dr. Elisabeth H. Buck
Elisabeth H. Buck, PhD (she/her)

Director, Writing & Multiliteracy Center

Dr. Elisabeth H. Buck is an Associate Professor of English & Communication and the Founding Director of UMass Dartmouth's Writing & Multiliteracy Center. Dr. Buck has worked in writing centers for over a decade, starting first as an undergraduate tutor at Loyola Marymount University before serving as a graduate assistant director for the writing centers at both the University of Nevada, Reno and Ball State University. Dr. Buck is the author of Open-Access, Multimodality, and Writing Center Studies (Palgrave, 2018) a work nominated for the International Writing Center Association's Outstanding Book Award. Dr. Buck also teaches writing and communication classes in the department of English & Communication, including the tutor-training course, English 359: Tutoring Writing. Dr. Buck's favorite part about directing the WMC is getting to meet so many talented students (especially the amazing tutoring staff!) and having the opportunity to see them grow as confident communicators and collaborators. 

To learn more about Dr. Buck's research and teaching, please visit her UMassD faculty profile and website

WMC Assistant Director Josh Botvin
Josh Botvin (he/him)

Assistant Director, Writing & Multiliteracy Center

Joshua Botvin is a Teaching Professor of English & Communication, the Assistant Director of the Writing & Multiliteracy Center, and the Faculty Coordinator for Peer Assisted Learning at UMass Dartmouth. He began his work in writing centers in 2017 as a Writing Assistant in the University’s Writing & Reading Center. Josh is local to the region and a graduate of UMD, receiving both his Bachelors in English Literature & Criticism as well as his Masters in Professional Writing from the University. Josh conducts research in pop cultural studies, classroom accessibility and engagement, labor equity, and writing center development. He teaches in the First Year English Program as well as classes in Business and Technical Communication. Josh is driven by the meaningful connections he makes with students, tutors, and peers, and hopes to positively impact those around him in the UMD community.

2023-2024 Tutoring Staff

Abbie (she/he)

Abbie is an Illustration major with a minor in Creative Writing. She especially enjoys working with topics regarding fantasy novels, animation, and LGBTQIA+ issues/media. In her free time, Abbie does freelance artwork as well as catsitting and kayaking. He would love to help with any assignment but specifically enjoys working on English and visual art-related assignments!

Ade (they/them)

Ade is an undergraduate Sophomore majoring in Illustration and looking to minor in Creative Writing. They are passionate about anything having to do with art and creative writing, but are happy to help with anyone coming into the center! Outside of school, Ade enjoys video games, listening to musicals, and playing with his cats. 

Alex C. (he/him)

Alex is a senior undergraduate student majoring in English. He’s primarily interested in helping students brainstorm, organize, and review their work, conduct research, and strengthen their authorial voice. Outside of work, he enjoys reading and listening to music. Alex is open to working on assignments within the humanities and social sciences but especially enjoys working on assignments involving literary analysis of poetry, short stories, and literature.

Alex M. (he/him)

Alex is a senior political science major and Honors College student at UMass Dartmouth. He enjoys helping others write to the best of their ability and hopes to make them confident in and proud of their work.

Ally (she/her)

Ally is a junior majoring in CJS and minoring in Philosophy. She is happy to work with students across all disciplines and enjoys learning something new from her tutees. She loves to read mystery/thriller novels and is always looking for a good book recommendation. Come stop by the WMC and visit!!!!

Cynthia (she/they)

Cynthia is a junior undergraduate student majoring in creative and professional writing with a minor in religious studies. She looks forward to working with students in all disciplines, especially English and History. Outside of school, she likes to play video games, read, watch documentaries, and play with her cat Mokey!

Danny (he/him)

Danny is a Junior undergraduate student majoring in Political Science, and a student in the UMassD Honors College. He enjoys discussing and researching topics related to domestic and international politics, law, and criminal justice. Outside of school, he really likes to play video games, visit antique shops, and play with his cat named Gomey! Danny is looking forward to assisting students of all disciplines, but specifically enjoys working with assignments related to English, History, or Politics!

Eli (he/him) 

Eli is a senior here at UMass Dartmouth and a Political Science major. He is from Western Connecticut. Although he is comfortable tutoring most aspects of writing, he particularly loves to write about informational and political topics. He is excited to help anyone who books a session!

Ella (she/her)

Ella is a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in English and Philosophy with a minor in legal studies and is in the Honors College. She enjoys discussing anything related to literature, law, or history! Outside of school, she likes to read and spend time with her two cats. Ella is interested in working with assignments across all disciplines but especially with assignments related to English, Philosophy, History, or Political Science.

Emily (she/her)

Emily is a senior Communications major and Business Administration minor. She hopes to pursue a career in PR. She is particularly interested in discussing topics in English and Communications, however she is more than happy to work on other disciplines. She enjoys working on skills such as essay formatting/organization, outlining, and brainstorming. Outside of school, Emily enjoys spending time with family and friends, knitting, and going on walks with her dogs, Skylar and Tuco.

Heath (he/him)

Heath is a junior undergraduate student from Mendon, MA double majoring in Crime and Justice Studies and Health and Society. Outside of work, and weather permitting, Heath enjoys hiking and would love to hear about any nearby trails! While being most familiar with topics related to his majors, Heath is open to working across disciplines and would be happy to help anyone that visits the center.

Jason (he/him)

Jason is a Junior undergraduate student majoring in English Literature & Criticism. He is also bilingual (Spanish speaking) and minoring in creative writing. He enjoys discussing writing topics and analyzing essays of all disciplines for clarity and conciseness. In his spare time, Jason likes to play basketball, listen to music, and try new things.

Jay (they/them)

Jay is a Junior in interior architecture and design with a minor in art history and is part of the honors college. They hope to pursue an architecture career focusing on historic preservation. They are comfortable working on history and English papers but are open to trying and helping with any assignment you bring in. They like learning new things and are open to exploring different topics. In their free time Jay hikes, draws, and spends most of their time hanging with their friends.

Jess (she/her)

Jess is a Sophomore undergraduate student majoring in History, as well as a student in the Honors College. She is super interested in discussing anything about history, especially ancient and medieval history. Outside of being a student, Jess likes to listen to true crime podcasts and spend time with her dog, Dusty. Jess is looking forward to working with anyone, but is particularly interested in English, History, and Psychology!

Jesse (she/her)

Jesse is a senior undergraduate in her last semester studying Creative and Professional Writing. She enjoys crocheting, reading, and gaming in her free time, her favorite genres sci-fi and fantasy. She is excited to work with everyone in all subjects, but she is especially tailored in brainstorming and outlining, English/Communications, textual analysis, finding sources, and formatting in APA and MLA formats.

Kait (any pronouns)

Kait is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Political Science with an Urban Studies Minor. They are from New Bedford, Massachusetts and have always had a passion for reading, writing, and studying politics. This will be Kait’s 4th semester as a tutor at the WMC and they look forward to assisting anyone at the center!

Kaitlyn (she/her)

Kaitlyn is currently a junior undergraduate student attending UMass Dartmouth and is from Acushnet, MA. She is currently majoring in Sociology & Anthropology with a minor in Aging and Health. However, she also majored in Political Science during her freshman year. Therefore, she is open to working with students from those specific majors, but is also available to work with anyone from any major and any course. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, going on coffee runs, and spending time outdoors.

Kaz (he/him)

Kaz is a sophomore undergraduate, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in music. He enjoys reading and writing in his freetime, and has even started some novels. He is looking forward to working with everyone, but specifically enjoys STEM related topics!

Kelsey (she/her)

Kelsey is a sophomore undergraduate student double majoring in Political Science (Pre-Law Concentration) and History. She is from New Jersey and has an adorable, devilish puppy named Nutmeg. Kelsey is happy to assist any student across all disciplines but specifically enjoys working on assignments related to English, Political Science, Law, and History. Additionally, she is looking forward to working with students on skills such as brainstorming topics, organization, gathering evidence, and how to structure and format papers in a variety of ways, including formatting citations. Outside of school, Kelsey enjoys reading, playing softball, kayaking, and watching crime shows and movies.

Kinu (she/her)

Kinu is currently a Sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Political Science with minors in Economics and Legal Studies, however she is happy to work with students across all disciplines. She is particularly interested in working on written assignments such as political and historical analysis, research papers, and argumentative papers. She has also previously tutored for political science classes. Additionally, she is happy to work with students on skills such as organization, public speaking, gathering evidence, and how to properly format papers in a variety of ways.

Kol (any pronouns)

Kol is a sophomore interested in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy. As a second year, they are in the process of establishing themselves and want to help others in doing so. Kol thinks the experiences they'll gain from being a tutor would be hard to find in other areas. Kol is happy to work with anyone who comes in and is open to learning! By using different teaching styles to better cater to the assignment on hand, Kol's goal is to help in whatever way seems best fit.

Michelle (she/her)

Michelle is currently a senior from Taunton, MA and majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law concentration. In October of 2022 she published an Opinion Piece that she wrote about topics within Political Science in a local newspaper and is more than happy to help anyone with other Opinion Pieces or similar works. As of right now, she is looking to explore potential minors. She loves to write and is looking forward to working with new people this semester.

Queyka (she/her)

Queyka (she/her) is in her fourth year of nursing school. In March 2021, she won first place in the Margaret Mullaney Panos Essay Contest. She enjoys reading and writing poetry. She is excited to return as a tutor to the Writing and Multiliteracy Center.

Ray A. (they/them)

Ray is a junior undergrad student from Portsmouth, RI. They are majoring in Art History and minoring Business Administration. Ray is particularly interested in assignments related to the arts, and they are happy to help anyone that comes to the center!

Ray D. (he/him)

Ray is from Warwick, Rhode Island, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English (BA) and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).  He is happy to work with students in all disciplines but is particularly interested in working with Education and First-Year English assignments. 

Sky (she/her)

Sky double majors in Crime and Justice and Political Science with a Pre-law concentration. She is involved with club organizations like Student Government and Society Community Leaders. She enjoys discussing fun facts about animals and painting murals in her spare time. In school, she loves to help students broaden their options and horizons. She is genuinely excited to be able to help students academically and advance their skills in specific areas like English.

Sydney (she/her)

Sydney is a first year graduate student studying Professional Writing and Communication. She studied at UMass Dartmouth in undergrad and got her Bachelors in English with a concentration in Creative and Professional Writing.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family.  She is looking forward to helping everyone through their writing journeys! 

Tam (he/him)

Tam is a senior majoring in Literature with a minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications. He is from New Bedford, MA and is interested in pursuing a career in education. He is comfortable assisting with any and all assignments but is particularly comfortable assisting with First-Year English assignments, argumentative essays of all varieties, literary analyses, and research papers.

Victoria (she/her)

Victoria is a junior undergraduate student majoring in English and planning to pursue a career in education. She enjoys discussing topics related to literature, creative writing, and education but all topics are welcome. Outside of school, she loves to write poetry and short stories, spend time with her two cats, and listen to music. Victoria always looks forward to helping other students feel confident in their writing and learning more about any subject, but specifically enjoys assignments related to english or education!

Winston (he/him)

Winston is a senior undergraduate, majoring in Psychology and seeking a minor in Philosophy. He transferred to UMass from BCC, and is a lifelong resident of Dartmouth itself. With interests ranging from the hence noted areas of study, to History, Politics, and some sciences. Above all, the art of words is his favorite playground but he’s happy to help with pretty much anything.

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