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WMC Director Dr. Elisabeth H. Buck
Elisabeth H. Buck, PhD (she/her)

Director, Writing & Multiliteracy Center

Dr. Elisabeth H. Buck is an Associate Professor of English & Communication and the Founding Director of UMass Dartmouth's Writing & Multiliteracy Center. Dr. Buck has worked in writing centers for over a decade, starting first as an undergraduate tutor at Loyola Marymount University before serving as a graduate assistant director for the writing centers at both the University of Nevada, Reno and Ball State University. Dr. Buck is the author of Open-Access, Multimodality, and Writing Center Studies (Palgrave, 2018) a work nominated for the International Writing Center Association's Outstanding Book Award. Dr. Buck also teaches writing and communication classes in the department of English & Communication, including the tutor-training course, English 359: Tutoring Writing. Dr. Buck's favorite part about directing the WMC is getting to meet so many talented students (especially the amazing tutoring staff!) and having the opportunity to see them grow as confident communicators and collaborators. 

To learn more about Dr. Buck's research and teaching, please visit her UMassD faculty profile and website

WMC Assistant Director Josh Botvin
Josh Botvin (he/him)

Assistant Director, Writing & Multiliteracy Center

Joshua Botvin is a Teaching Professor of English & Communication, the Assistant Director of the Writing & Multiliteracy Center, and the Faculty Coordinator for Peer Assisted Learning at UMass Dartmouth. He began his work in writing centers in 2017 as a Writing Assistant in the University’s Writing & Reading Center. Josh is local to the region and a graduate of UMD, receiving both his Bachelors in English Literature & Criticism as well as his Masters in Professional Writing from the University. Josh conducts research in pop cultural studies, classroom accessibility and engagement, labor equity, and writing center development. He teaches in the First Year English Program as well as classes in Business and Technical Communication. Josh is driven by the meaningful connections he makes with students, tutors, and peers, and hopes to positively impact those around him in the UMD community.

2022-2023 WMC Tutoring Staff

Alex (he/him)

Major: Political Science

Minor: Philosophy 

Ally (she/her)

Major: Criminal Justice 

Brooke (she/her)

Major: English

Minor: Photography

CJ (he/him)

Major: Political Science

Daniella (she/her)

Major: Marketing/Honors Program

Danny (he/him)

Major: Political Science/Honors Program

Delaney (they/them)

Major: Sociology & History

Minor: Religious Studies

Efe (she/her) 

Major: Political Science/Honors Program

Eli (he/him) 

Major: Political Science

Haleigh (she/her)

Major: Biology

Isaiah (he/him)

Major: Communication

Minor: Animation

Jendayi (she/her/queen)

Major: Psychology 

Kait (any pronouns)

Major: Political Science/Honors Program

Kaitlyn (she/her)

Major: Sociology & Anthropology

Kamryn (she/her)

Major: English Literature & Criticism

Minor: Communications

Kinu (she/her)

Major: Political Science

Minor: Economics & Legal Studies

Leah (she/her)

Major: English 

Minor: Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication

Martyna (she/her)

Major: English

Minor: Communications

Michelle (she/her)

Major: Political Science

Nate (he/him)

Major: Applied Economics

Niya (she/her)

Major: Communication

Queyka (she/her)

Major: Nursing

Ray A. (they/them)

Major: Art History

Ray D. (he/him)

Major: English/Education

Reilly (she/her/they/them)

Major: Graduate Student in English/Education

Ren (she/her)

Major: Philosophy

Shailyn (she/her)

Major: English

Minor: Communication

Tam (he/him)

Major: English

Minor: Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication

Tapiwa (she/her)

Major: Biology

Minor: Philosophy

Winston (he/him)

Major: Psychology & Philosophy