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Where do I find new policies?

New and revised policies will be listed inside the “New and Revised” box at the bottom of the Welcome to Policies Page. You can access the policy by selecting it directly from that box.

What if I want to research all the policies in a certain area?

The Active Policy List is divided by the different areas. If you choose an area, you can use the drop down menu to select it. The Active Policy Index will also give you a description of each category to assist you in your search.

I am on a policy page but can't find the search box. How do we perform a search?

Currently there is no search box on the policy home page. CITS is working on this. There is a search feature in the top right corner of the UMass Dartmouth site that will help.

What if I want to know the additional history of a policy, or find an earlier version of a policy?

The policy page, to the extent possible, will contain archives of past versions of a policy. From the current policy page, look in the Related Policies and Additional History box. If you select a policy from this box it will take you to a prior version of the policy. If you select the related policy with History indicator, this link will take you to the amendment history of that document.

 For example, Policy on Policies (GOV-C07-001A). If you click on  University Policies - Original Policy on Policies in the Additional History box, it will take you to the archived version of the policy in place immediately prior to the current policy in the original format. If you click on Policy on Policies History  in the Additional History box, it will take you to the amendment information.

What if there is no archived version of the policy, but I believe that there was an earlier version?

If there is no archived version on the additional history page, this means we did not have the policy in electronic format. You will then need to consult the older versions of print documents such as the Announcements, the Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, and the Staff Handbook.

What about related procedures?

Procedures and guidelines related to policies will sometimes live on the home page of their area. However, every attempt will be made to link to the related procedures from the policy by using the Additional References line on the top half of the policy page. If you are aware of related procedures that are not linked, please feel free to forward them to for linking.



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