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Dive Control Board (DCB)

About UMass Dive Safety

At UMassD, we prioritize safety in scientific diving and snorkeling activities. Whether you're conducting research underwater or exploring marine ecosystems, we're here to provide you with the information and resources you need to dive and snorkel safely and responsibly. UMass Dive Safety is a specialized program dedicated to promoting safety in scientific diving and snorkeling activities within the University of Massachusetts system.

UMass System Dive Safety Program

Originally established at UMass Boston, the Dive Safety Program is undergoing an exciting evolution to encompass all UMass campuses. Serving researchers across various disciplines, this program facilitates safe and responsible scientific diving and snorkeling activities throughout the UMass community. Our mission is to ensure the well-being of scientific divers and snorkelers while they engage in scientific exploration and research in aquatic environments. We are dedicated to facilitating the acquisition of solid data and fostering the creation of safe, integrated research teams that adhere to best practices in scientific diving.

Dive Control Board and Dive Safety Officer

Diving activities within the UMass system are overseen by a Diving Control Board (DCB), consisting of active divers and representatives from Research Compliance and EH&S from across all campuses. The DCB collaborates with a dedicated Dive Safety Officer (DSO) to ensure that all research activities comply with the Dive Safety Manual and adhere to the highest standards of safety in research diving.

For more information about research diving and snorkeling, please don't hesitate to contact our Dive Safety Officer: Ted Maney ( or the Dive Safety Board Chair: Jarrett Byrnes ( For campus-specific questions, please contact Stephanie Pena ( and Forrest Kennedy (

For current forms and manuals, please go to UMass Boston Diving Research & Safety Program.

Stay tuned, more information coming soon.

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