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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Fisheries Oceanography faculty received three awards through NOAA's Fisheries Services' Research Set-Aside (RSA) program. The program is unique to federal fisheries in the northeast with funding provided annually by the sale of set-aside allocations for fisheries that are managed through quotas or day-at-sea.

Steven Cadrin, Associate Professor, Fisheries Oceanography, School for Marine Science & Technology 

Associate Professor Steven Cadrin's award 2013 Monkfish RSA-Archival tagging and age validation in the Gulf of Maine will provide insight into basic biology and ecology of Monkfish and reduce the uncertainty in stock assessment. ($182,021)

Cadrin's Scallop Fishery Bycatch Avoidance System expands effort to open fishing areas to assist scallopers in minimizing bycatch while maximizing scallop yields ($147,096)

Kevin Stokesbury, Professor, Fisheries Oceanography, School for Marine Science & Technology

Professor Kevin Stokesbury's Combined High-Resolution Video Survey and Biological Sampling in the Nantucket Lightship Access Area examines the health of an area which reopened for fishing in 2012. ($157,163)

With fellow Fisheries Oceanography faculty Changsheng Chen and Pingguo He, Stokesbury's Survey of persistent scallop aggregations and examination of their influence on recruitment using the FVCOM oceanographic model will underpin estimates of total allowable catch ($248,463)

Stokebury's High Resolution Video Survey of the Sea Scallop Resource in Mid-Atlantic Closed Areas will offer an intensive view for two areas following a cohort of scallops tracking abundance, spatial distribution, size and recruitment patternes ($216,712)

Gloria De Sa, Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences

NOAA's Preserve America Initiative uses hertiage engagement to communicate NOAA's message and programs.

Gloria De Sa, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Director of the Portuguese Archives, compiled oral histories of Portuguese fisherman during the period of dramatic transformation of the fishing industry in New Bedford with her award Portuguese in the Fishing Industry of Greater New Bedford. The oral histories will be archived in and disseminated by the University's Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives. ($11,850)

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