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Scientific Computing Group

Faculty members from the newly established Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research, in collaboration with PIs from UMass Amherst, UMass Lowell, and MIT have won a President's Science and Technology Initiative award for Simulation and Visualization Approached to Big Data. The eleven PIs will develop specialized and accessible computational and visualization tools for simulations and effecient experimental data collection, assimilation, and analysis, as well as mathmatical models to facilitate handling large and complex data. They anticipate partnering with colleagues from social, biomedical and health sciences whose research entails large data sets. Explore the Center's website. ($150,000)

Alfa Heryudono and Akil Narayan, Assistant Professors of Mathematics, received a National Sceince Foundation award for Computation of crowded geodesics on the universal Teichmulller space for planar shape matching in computer vision. ($299,342)