Multidisciplinary Seed Funding Awardees 2016

Christopher Brigham (PI: BNG), Vijaya Chalivendra (Co-PI: MNE), and Tracie Ferreira (Co-PI: BNG) 
Award: $13,600.00       
Project: In vivo degradation polyhydroxyalkanoate biodegradable plastic fibers in a mouse model system            

Vanni Bucci (PI: BIO), Mark Silby (Co-PI: BIO), and Firas Khatib (Co-PI: CIS) 
Award: $33,909.00
Project: Leveraging evolution to develop therapeutics against enteropathogenic E.coli     

Christina Crowe (PI: PSY),  Christine Panarese (Co-PI: STEM)
Award: $34,945.00
Project: Investigating Social Emotional Competence Among Educators in Self-Contained Special Education Classes                 

Mahzad Hojjat (PI: PSY), Kristen Sethares (Co-PI: NUR)
Award: $12,080.00
Project: The effect of resilience and social support of self-care behaviors in patients with diabetes    

Trina Kershaw (PI: PSY), Sankha Bhowmick (Co-PI: MNE)
Award: $2,030.00
Project: Exploring design innovation in freshman Mechanical Engineering students in the freshly retooled Freshman Engineering Curriculum                   

Maricris Mayes (PI: CHM), Milana Vasudev (Co-PI: BNG), Vijaya Chalivendra (MNE)
Award: $13,000.00
Project: A Computational and Experimental Study of Self-Assemble Peptide Nanotubes for Energy Applications                 

Mark Silby (PI: BIO),  Vanni Bucci (Co-PI: BIO), Christopher Brigham (Co-PI: BNG), Catherine Neto  (Co-PI: CHM), and Sivappa Rasapalli (Co-PI: CHM)
Project: Discovery of novel compounds which reduce bacterial virulence