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Small Grants: Behavior Economics

Small Grants: Behavior Economics

Agency: Russell Sage Foundation

Discipline: Behavioral Economics                                                      

Funding                                                         Sponsor Deadline

$7,500.00                                                      Proposal: 11/21/2019

                                                                     Due by 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Response for Proposal

The foundation’s Behavioral Economics program supports research that uses behavioral insights from psychology, economics, sociology, political science and other social sciences to examine and improve social and living conditions in the United States. Appropriate projects will demonstrate explicit use of psychological concepts in the motivation of the research design and the preparation of the results. Experimental projects that do not have substantial behavioral content (such as market experiments testing neoclassical ideas) or substantial economic content (such as psychology experiments with no economic choices or strategic or market implications) will not be considered.

Letter of Intent Required 8/21/2019 & 11/26/2019 due by 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Please note this program has two deadlines Fall/ Sping. 

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