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 Maureen Eckert

Maureen A. Eckert

Department Co-Chair
(Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center) Associate ProfessorJpeg Maureen Eckert Fall 2010

Phone: 508.999.8348
Office: LARTS 382


PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy, PHL 215 Introduction to Ethics, PHL 221 History of Western Philosophy: Ancient, PHL 333 Plato, PHL 334 Aristotle,  PHL 399 Philosophy of Time/Intermediate writing, PHL 236 The Ideal State, PHL 300 Paradox and Metafiction, PHL 409 (Seminar) "The Real and the Ideal," REL 201: Introduction to Religious Studies, PHL 200 Zombies and Philosophy, PHL 200 Philosophical Issues of the Internet, PHL 409 (Seminar) Free Will, Determinism and Fatalism


Prof. Eckert is faculty advisor for the Philosophy Association:  Meetings Spring 2015 
Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:30 PM LARTS 120.  She is faculty advisor for the Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society in Philosophy.  She is also a member of the Deviant Logic Posse (Non-Classical Logic work-group).


Philosophy TV discussion with Graham Priest
Graham and I discuss Logic pedagogy, Deviant (Non-Classical) Logic, Paraconsistent and Dialethic Logics and Metafiction  

Select Publications

Forthcoming:  Freedom and the Self: The Philosophy of David Foster Wallace, Columbia University Press, co-editor with Steven M. Cahn, April 2014.  
Article Contribution: "System J and the Paradoxes of Time Travel"

"Job Description" Philosofict: Magazine of Philosophical Fiction and Poetry, Vol. 2, March 2014.

"Cinematic Spelunking Inside Plato's Cave" Glipmse Journal: The Art and Science of Seeing, No. 009 (2012).

December 2010: Fate, Time and Language: David Foster Wallace's Essay on Free Will, edited with Steven M. Cahn, essay “Renewing the Conversation on Fatalism."

Review: Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2011 Independent Book Publishers Books Awards: Gold Award (#33 Classics and Philosophy)

Other Online Reviews:
Wall Street Journal Speakeasy Blog
New York Journal of Books
I Just Read About That 
James Ley: Australian Literary Review, vol.6, iss.4 (4 May 2011) 16-17.

October 2010: Philosophical Horizons, Second edition, with Steven M. Cahn (Irvine: Wadsworth Publishing Co., First edition 2005).

May 2009: With Robert Talisse,  A Teacher's Life: Essays for Steven M. Cahn  (Lexington Books)

October 2006: Theories of Mind: Introductory Readings (Rowman and Littlefield)

Knowledge and Reality: Classic and Contemporary Readings, eds. Steven Cahn, Maureen Eckert, Robert Buckley (Prentice Hall, 2004).


Select Conferences

"Hidden in Plain Sight: The Poet Interlocutors of Republic V's Female Drama" SAGP, Oct. 23, 2010 Fordham University, NYC.

"The Strange Case of the Missing Dialogue: Plato's Metafictional Philosopher" SAGP, Oct. 17, 2010 Fordham University, NYC.

"Crito in the Phaedo" Australasian Association of Philosophy, July 4 2010, University of New South Wales.

“When the Conversation Lapses…Understanding David Foster Wallace’s Philosophy Thesis,” November 20, 2009, Footnotes: New Directions in David Foster Wallace Studies, CUNY Graduate Center, New York

“The Crito-Phaedo Problem,” SAGP, October 17, 2009 Fordham University, NYC.

"Philosophical Futures of Pessoa: The Book of Disquiet and Theories of Consciousness," Antonia Vieira and Futures of Luso-Afro-Brazillian studies and Theory Conference UMD, May 2-3 2008, UMASS Dartmouth

Platonic Anonymity and Pessoan Heteronymity, Estudos e Teoria Luso-Afro-Brasileiros blog

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In Memoriam: David Foster Wallace 
Rest in Peace.  Favorite response here.

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