University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Student Handbook 2017-2018

About this Handbook

The UMass Dartmouth Student Handbook is edited by the Division of Student Affairs. Along with the University Catalog, it is the University’s official notification of UMass Dartmouth resources, policies, regulations, and community standards. Students are responsible for the information contained in this Handbook. UMass Dartmouth reserves the right to change or update any information, policies, rules, regulations, and standards of conduct within this Handbook with notice. If changes are made to this information, attempts to notify students will be generally made via the following methods:

•    Advertisement in The Torch
•    Campus-wide email* through “UMD Notify”

* All students are expected to routinely check their University email. All official communications will be sent to students’ email addresses only.

The information contained in this web version of the Student Handbook will be considered to be the official version of all documents. Where the version in the Student Handbook and a version located elsewhere differ in content, you should consider this site to be accurate and official. If you find discrepancies between the content of this document and those found elsewhere on the web or in print, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please call 508-999-8995 or stop by the Student Affairs Office, located on the second floor of the Campus Center.

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Snow and Emergency Procedures

If a major emergency occurs in which the health and safety of the UMass Dartmouth community are at risk, the University will activate its MyAlert system to instantly contact students, faculty, and staff. All students, faculty, and staff are urged to visit the MyAlert page to sign up for this important notification service. more information

It is the policy of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to maintain services, conduct business, provide instruction and research on a normal basis throughout the year without compromising the safety and welfare of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. In some instances emergencies arise which require the University to determine if it is prudent and reasonable to offer classes or require faculty and staff to report to work. In those instances, the Chancellor or her designee, based on input from the Emergency/Storm Management Team, will make a decision regarding the appropriate campus response.

Official Media Outlets Utilized for Announcements

a. Recorded message on the University's telephone system – (508) 999-8000

b. Notification on the University's website –
c. Announcement on the electronic marquee at the campus entrance
d. Announcements on the following radio stations:

Campus Radio Station: WUMD (89.3 FM)

Providence: WPRO (630 AM, 92.3 FM), WHIM (1110 AM), WHJJ (920 AM, 94.1 FM), WALE (990 AM), WRX (103.7 FM), WSNE (93.3 FM)

Boston: WBZ (1030 am)

Plymouth: WPLM (1390 AM)

Somerset: WSAR (1480 AM)

c. Announcements on the following television stations: 

Providence: WJAR (Channel 10), WLNE (Channel 6), WPRI (Channel 12), FOX 64

Boston: WBZ (Channel 4), WHDH (Channel 7), NECN (New England Cable News), WCVB (Channel 5)

Please do not call the Department of Public Safety. Their lines must remain open for emergencies.


What happens if I had a previously approved leave (vacation leave, personal leave) on a day that the University closed? Will I be charged time for the day?

Yes. If you had a previously approved leave, (vacation leave, personal leave) your attendance record will be charged with the original purpose.

I did not know that the Dartmouth Campus had a delayed opening, early closing or was closed for the day so I reported to work at my normal starting time. Will I get comp time for the time I worked?

Employees are responsible for checking the operational status of the campus prior to reporting to work. Non-essential personnel who report to work when the campus is closed will not receive any additional compensation. The notice about the operational status of the campus will be widely broadcast on local radio and television stations. It will also be noted on the UMD website, and will be included as a recorded message on the UMD telephone system. Lastly, it will be posted on the electronic marquee at the entrance of the campus.

How are my meal period and rest periods affected?

Employees should receive a meal period if the normal meal period occurs during the time the Campus is open.

I called in sick BEFORE the start of my shift. Does my attendance record exclude the time that the Campus was closed?

If you called in before the start of your shift to use sick leave or personal leave time, your attendance record will be charged the hours of leave for your entire shift.

I am a classified employee and I was asked to report to work one hour early prior to leaving the previous day. Will I receive overtime for reporting to work one hour early?

Overtime is defined as working more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. Therefore, unless you worked more than 8 hours on this day or 40 hours in this week, you are not eligible for overtime. However, if you are not eligible for overtime, you will receive 1 hour of compensatory time.

Sunday was a regularly scheduled work day for me but I did not come to work because of the snow storm. Will I get charged leave time?

No, you will not be charged leave time if the University was closed.