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1.  What documentation do I need to qualify for services?This information can be found on the Office of Student Accessibility Services website at

2.   I sent my documentation in with my admission package.  Why didn't the Center contact me?
The University is bound by self-disclosure and privacy regulations and cannot make an initial contact with a student.  The student must self-identify directly to the Center.

3.   I need to have psycho-educational testing done to confirm my need for accommodations based on a disability.  Does the Center provide this for me?
No, the student is solely responsible to pay for, and obtain, the proper documentation.

4.   In high school my assignments were modified or shortened based on my disability.  Will this be the same in college?
No.  Due to course and degree requirements the University must adhere to, the curriculum cannot be altered. All students are required to complete the same amount of work. 

5.   I received extended time on my assignments in high school.  Why is this accommodation not allowed in college?
In higher education, all students are expected to budget their time in order to meet set deadlines and course requirements. 

6.  In high school I was afforded unlimited time to complete my tests. Why is this accommodation not allowed in college?
In higher education, students are generally allowed time plus one-half to complete exams.  In some rare instances, students are afforded double-time. 

7.  My disability makes it difficult to present information to the class or to participate in group work with other students.  Is this an accommodation?
If public speaking or working as a member of a team is an "integral and essential" component to meet the course requirements, it is NOT an accommodation.

8.   Do I have to take twelve credit hours to be considered a full-time student?
No. Any student that is a registered member of the Office of Student Accessibility Services may be registered for nine credit hours and be considered to be a full-time student by the University. A full description of this procedure and its restrictions can be found on our website at 

 9.  I receive the accommodations that allow me to take my exams in the CAS Testing Center that requires me to sign-up five business days in advance of the exam.  My disability makes it difficult to remember to do this.  Is it fair to require me to follow this procedure?
Yes.  All students are required to follow the policies, procedures, and protocols in obtaining their afforded academic accommodations.

10.  Does the University waive foreign languages for students with disabilities
Yes, but the student must provide the appropriate documentation of a learning disability and complete substitution courses deemed appropriate by the University.  The documentation guidelines can be found at: