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The University is bound by self-disclosure and privacy regulations and cannot make an initial contact with a student.  The student must self-identify directly to the Center.

No.  Due to course and degree requirements the University must adhere to, the curriculum cannot be altered. All students are required to complete the same amount of work. 

In higher education, all students are expected to budget their time in order to meet set deadlines and course requirements. 

In higher education, students are generally allowed time plus one-half to complete exams.  In some rare instances, students are afforded double-time. 

If public speaking or working as a member of a team is an "integral and essential" component to meet the course requirements, it is NOT an accommodation.

No. Any student that is a registered member of the Office of Student Accessibility Services may be registered for nine credit hours and be considered to be a full-time student by the University. Read the full description of this procedure and its restrictions.

Yes, but the student must provide the appropriate documentation of a learning disability and complete substitution courses deemed appropriate by the University. Read the full documentation guidelines  on foreign language waivers.