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Videos on How to be Successful

8 Habits of Highly Successful Students

How to Get Good Grades in College


Videos on Note Taking

Taking Notes: Crash Course Study Skills: The first step in honing your new study skills is to take better notes. This week Thomas will tell you everything you need to know to come to class prepared and find a note-taking system that will help you retain and review like a champ.

How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods: What's the best way to take lecture notes? In this video, I'll go over five of the best note-taking systems out there.


Videos on Concentration and Focus

5 Tips to Stay Focused in School - How to Concentrate Better: You will learn how to stay concentrated and stay focused for long periods of time, specifically in school and during studies.

5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration: If your studying gets interrupted often by distractions or the temptation to multi-task, try these methods of building your ability to focus.


Videos about Test Anxiety and Tips to Help your Performance on Exams

Test Anxiety: Crash Course Study Skills: Walks you through some tips for beating test anxiety so that you can walk in on test day feeling refreshed and confident.

How to Overcome Test Anxiety – Dr. Webb addresses test anxiety and addresses ways to cope with it.

How to Beat Test Anxiety on Exams Without Stress – Looks at several common worries you will face as a student that causes test anxiety.  

10 Tips to Reduce Exam Anxiety

Tips to Overcome Test Anxiety – A third year medical student at Ross University explains how she discovered her test anxiety and shares her tips on how she managed to overcome anxiety. 


Videos on How to Manage Stress

How to Manage Stress as a Student

7 Tips for Students Rapidly Adapting to Online Learning: Maintain Your Mental Health





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