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Past Accreditation

2015 NEASC Interim Fifth-Year Report

Between comprehensive evaluations, institutions are required to submit an interim report, typically in the fifth year of a ten-year evaluation cycle. These reports provide a current overview of the institution and major developments or changes since the previous evaluation. Included is the institution's response to the concerns and recommendations resulting from the last evaluation. The NEASC Commission on Higher Education accepted and commended UMass Dartmouth's Fifth-year Interim Report and highlighted the progress the University had made on key initiatives.

2012 NEASC Update

In its November 2, 2010 letter of accreditation, the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) cited areas to be reviewed during a fall 2012 NEASC Focus Visit. This report provides an overview of the progress in these areas for the NEASC Focus Visit team.

2010 Self-Study Report

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has been engaged in a process of self-study, addressing the Commission's Standards for Accreditation. During its visit, the evaluation team gathered evidence to assure that the Self-Study Report was thorough and accurate. The team recommended to the Commission a continuing status for the institution. Then, following a review process, the Commission itself took the final action.

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