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A firewall limits network access between two or more networks and can be:

  • a specialized software program
  • a physical hardware device
  • a combination of both

Typically, a firewall is deployed between a trusted, private network (such as UMass Dartmouth's campus network) and an untrusted public network (such as the Internet). A firewall may grant or revoke access based on a set of firewall rules.

CITS implements and maintains a strict firewall rule to keep the university network secure. Our objectives:

  • protect the university's networks, systems, and data from unauthorized access
  • allow access to carry out the university's mission of engaging in personalized teaching and innovative research

CITS reserves the right to block access to and from any host which it deems a risk to the university.

Requests for access to systems or services will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Requests that are not consistent with the university's mission of academics and research will not be honored.

How a firewall works

Screenshot of Firewall Tutorial

For more information, contact CITS at 508.999.8900.