Off-campus wifi use

Accessing university resources from off-campus

If you're using the Internet outside of the campus network--such as at home or while traveling--you will have access only to public resources such as the UMass Dartmouth website. In order to access resources such as PeopleSoft, Active Directory shares, ReservIt, etc., you must connect to UMass Dartmouth's VPN server. The VPN server also ensures that your information is encrypted and protected.

Using wi-fi networks securely

Do you use a wi-fi (wireless) network at home or at public "wi-fi hotspots" such as an Internet café, an airport, or a hotel?

Be aware that your network traffic--including personal data, account numbers and passwords--are typically being sent in "clear text." This means that the information sent to and from your computer can be intercepted by anyone with readily available tools such as sniffers or scanners

To prevent someone from being able to "sniff" your network traffic, you must encrypt your traffic by authenticating to a virtual private network, such as UMass Dartmouth's VPN. The VPN server creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server, thus protecting your traffic from malicious hackers.