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Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects

Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects provides planning, design and oversight services for all new construction and renovation projects. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that these projects are achievable, meet the university's programmatic needs, and are technically sound.

We also consider standards for new and existing infrastructure design renovations, campus hard-and soft-scapes, and site furnishings (seating, lighting, outdoor dining furniture, plantings, etc.) Sustainability elements will also be considered as part of our overall approach.

Key objectives include:

  • To understand empirically the initiatives of individual colleges and departments and create a well-integrated campus, while addressing common institutional interests and individual client needs.
  • To manage feasibility and alternatives analysis in the early stages of the planning process by combining strategic physical planning and financial analysis to support decisions.
  • To provide a range of planning, design, analytical, and technical expertise not otherwise available within our university. These skills can be tapped by the central administration, colleges, and departments on a wide variety of projects including design and review, space planning and management, construction project management, campus master planning, interior design, standards development, and legal compliance.
  • To guide, navigate, sequence, and synchronize the multi-party internal and external review and approval processes, which are necessary to achieve project completion for our clients.
  • To foster the critical communication, cooperation, and integration needed for the efficient functioning of the multi-disciplinary teams convened for project planning and execution.


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