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Ongoing Projects

Science and Engineering building systems upgrade project

December 2020- August 2022: The SENG building Systems Upgrade Project addresses urgently needed repairs and upgrades to the building envelope, base building HVAC system, fire alarm and fire sprinkler system and building accessibility. This renewal project will correct a large backlog in deferred maintenence and in accessibility improvements needed to reset the facility and allow for future encumbered programmatic renovations.

Dion chiller replacement project

May 2020- March 2023: The existing 200 ton water-cooled electric chiller serving the Dion Science and Engineering(DION) Building originally installed in 1985, has failed and will be replaced along with associated components with new equipments of same capacity and similar configuration. Piping will extend from the Science and Engineering Building's new chiller and connect to the Dion chilled water system for the purpose of providing backup cooling in the event that either building's cooling system goes down or requires service.

MacLean Campus Center air handling units (AHU) replacement

May 2022- March 2023: The Campus Center AHU replacement project will include the replacement of large air handling units located in various second floor mechanical closets and the replacement of multiple ceiling mounted fan boxes located throughout the building. This HVAC equipment is original to the building and have reached the end of their useful life cycle. The project will improve air circulation throughout the building.

Woodland Commons 2022 finishes

July 2022- Aug 2022: woodland Commons will receive minor updates this summer, Including paint, carpet, acoustic wall panels and AV equipment. The bulk of this work is scheduled for completion by August 15th, 2022. While performing the work this summer, we are also planning for small addition interior updates that will be complete by the Fall 2023 semester.

LARTS corridor flooring

July 2022- Aug 2022: The LARTS corridor, south of the south atrium(closest to the Auditorium) will receive updates by August 15th, 2022. These updates include removal of the existing lockers, and a new floor. We will be affecting a number of doors in the areas as a part of this work, and will be providing some minor furnishings for the spaces over the next few months.

Auditorium lobby

July 2022- Aug 2022: The Auditorium Lobby will receive new finishes this summer, Including new carpeting throughout the space and deep cleaning of select areas. The work expected to affect doors in the area. This work is scheduled for completion by August 15th, 2022. we may also be adding artwork and new furnishing over the next few months.

Campus Center

July 2022- Aug 2022: The stairs from the student center to the Auditorium and the mezzanine shall all receive new floor finishes. The TV Lounge under the stairs will also receive milwork and finish updates. Work will be completed by August 15th, 2022.

FY14 #2 - Energy / Water Savings Project (FY13 #2)

The $40M Energy Performance Project being implemented by NORESCO and managed through the DCAMM is a two phased infrastructure upgrade program and is aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems while reducing the University’s operating expenses and carbon footprint.

  • Phase I – Included the retrofit of existing lighting fixtures with new energy efficient lamps and ballasts, HVAC system upgrades and replacements, installation of new building management controls and major improvements to the plumbing infrastructure.  The phase of the project is substantially complete.
  • Phase II – The construction of the 1.67 MW Kawasaki gas turbine based cogeneration system.  The gas turbine generator will generate electricity to UMass-Dartmouth’s electrical grid and hot gas exhaust to a Heat Recovery Steam Generator to produce steam for the campus.  The gas turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator have been installed and the initial startup date was 6-June-2013.  The cogeneration system will now go through a series of testing and commissioning.

FY14 #3 - Research Laboratory improvements (FY13 #14)

A $13M program focused on upgrading existing or underutilized research and teaching laboratories throughout main campus.  The University needs to provide appropriate and flexible research space to support the strategic initiative of growing the research base and fulfill its’ obligations to the Commonwealth and region as the only research university south of Boston.  Highlights of this program include:

Computational Design Lab – Textile 201

$389K Capital renewal to provide students with sufficient information technology and software to be able to utilize modern engineering computational tools and methods for design projects.  Completed in FY13;

Multidisciplinary Lab - Textile 108

Multidisciplinary Research Lab – Textile 108 

$1.8M renovation to underutilized space that is providing modern laboratory facilitiesand equipment to researchers from multiple schools and departments.  Currently faculty from BioEngineering, Biology and Chemistry are housed here.  The research lab offers the opportunity for faculty and researchers to create synergies and allows for temporary research space as the improvement program continues.  Completed in FY13.

Computational Science Lab - Textile 105

Computational Science Lab – Textile 105

$380K Capital renewal for the Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research which aims to promote and conduct high-level interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in scientific computing.  Scheduled to be complete in early FY14;

BioEngineering Teaching Labs – Textile 202 and 204

$1.5M project currently in the final design process to construct a ‘Wet Lab’ to provide instruction in areas using chemicals and biological elements and a ‘Dry Lab’ to provide instruction in advanced instrumentation and computational areas.  Scheduled for completion in FY14;

Chemistry Research Lab – Violette 203

$900K project currently in the final design process to construct a modern research lab.  Scheduled for completion in FY14;

Biology Research Lab – SENG 327

$1.2M project currently in the final design process to construct a modern research lab.  Scheduled for completion in FY14;

Chemistry / Biology Research Lab – Textile 203 and 205

$1.5M project currently in the final design process to construct a modern multidisciplinary research lab.  Scheduled to be complete in FY14;

Textile / SENG – Emergency Generator

$600K project for the installation and implementation of emergency power to support critical research infrastructure such as refrigerators, freezers, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, emergency lighting, exhaust fans, animal facilities and environmental rooms.  This will provide reliable back up power to support research activities.  Expected to be completed in FY14.

Fitness Center Expansion

FY14 #5 – Fitness Center expansion (FY13 #11)

Construction is ongoing for the $5M expansion and renovation of the Fitness Center.  The project will double the size of the very heavily used facility.  It is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 14.

Massachusetts Accelerator for Biomanufacturing (MAB)

FY14 #6 - Massachusetts Accelerator for Biomanufacturing (MAB) (FY13 #3)

A new 35,000 SF BSL-2 Bioprocessing Facility, located on a four acre site within the newly developed South Coast Life Sciences & Technology Park in Fall River.  The facility looks to enhance the University’s program offerings to assist small companies developing therapeutic biologic products with the transition from scientific protocol to large scale production processes that meet both industry and regulatory quality standards.

The project is on track for a construction completion of October 31, 2013 and after an extensive commissioning and verification phase to be 100% complete in January 2014.  The funding for this project consists of a $15M MORE Grant, $10M in capital bonding by UMBA and an additional $6M from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). 

The total project cost for this facility was increased from FY13 $25.6M to FY14 $31.5M due to the complexity and uniqueness of this ‘first in the nation of its kind’ building type, process and mechanical systems and rising construction costs.

Wind Turbine

FY14 #21 – Wind turbine project

The turbine project is one component of a plan developed in conjunction with the state's Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) and the Department of Energy Resources' (DOER) Leading by Example program to modernize the UMass Dartmouth power systems, and to reduce energy consumption. Other components include installation of a high-efficiency co-generation plant and installation of solar panels on residence halls and athletic center roofs.  Installation of the Elecon 600 kW wind turbine has a Project Estimated Savings of730,500 kWh per year.  The turbine has been erected and site installation is complete.  The projection is for operational testing in the Fall of 2013.

FY14 #22 – Repair four oldest residence halls (FY13 #10)

The initial $5M first phase of revitalizing the four first year residence halls was completed in FY13 by a $2M renovation of the bathrooms in MapleRidge Hall.  Planning discussions will begin in FY14 to determine what direction to proceed with future work on these structures built in the mid-70s.  The first year residence halls are extremely important for the student experience and by providing improved and appropriate residential facilities will only help to increase recruitment and retention while decreasing deferred maintenance.

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