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Conferencing and Events provides services to all of UMass Dartmouth for any non-academic scheduling request as well as specialty supplemental class requests. We serve as a centralized scheduling office to connect requestors with the best locations, resources, and services their event may require. Our team utilizes UMass Dartmouth's campus scheduling system (25Live) to manage event resources and execution of event coordination. We work with campus event planners and service providers to establish compliance with UMass Dartmouth policies and ensure your event's overall success. Our office assists campus event planners to understand and comply with all UMass Dartmouth policies and procedures. 

25Live is UMass Dartmouth’s reservation system. The system is used to reserve indoor and outdoor spaces across campus, manage meeting and event support services, and bring it all together for complete event management. If you are new to the non-academic scheduling process, please review the job aids located on the 25Live login page.

Submit an online request via 25Live for your intended space along with your event operational details:

  • date
  • time
  • speedtype
  • room set up
  • Technical resources needed
  • and if catering will be used

The Event Planning Checklist (PDF) will assist in completing your event request and allow your request to be approved.

We suggest that all meetings/events requests are submitted into 25Live to ensure your desired space is available and confirmed just for you.  In addition to traditional meetings and events, you should also submit space requests for the following:

  • Any event held outdoors including information tables
  • Any event that involves the consumption of alcohol
  • Any event that may be considered unusual or potentially risky (i.e. controversial speakers)

Internal UMass Dartmouth departments and student organizations are not charged for space usage. Community members and all others should be prepared to pay fees for...

  • A/V Tech staff
  • Facilities
  • Décor (requested)
  • Resources (linens, custom lighting, etc.)
  • Catering
  • Rentals
  • Signage
  • Transportation

Questions about fees? Contact the Conferencing and Events Office.

Internal events do not require insurance as the university is self-insured.

Affiliated and external events require that you provide proof of insurance. The university requires that you provide one-time event insurance to cover the event you are holding on university property. In most cases, event planners ask their company to provide this documentation. Some clients purchase a one-time insurance policy from an independent insurance provider they select. In any case, the insurance policy must list the event name, date and the insured. Contact the Conferencing and Events Office for detailed information.

Conferencing and Events are always ready and willing to help you with the details of planning your event.  This site has a lot of resources, but we encourage you to visit the Conferencing and Events page or External/Private Events (outside groups or individuals) to get started.  If you have additional questions you can always call 508-999-8169.

Choose a date and secure a location. The sooner you can lock in your date, the easier the planning process will be. For additional help with planning, use the Event Planning Checklist (PDF) for some tips.

If you are not able to find a specific location in 25Live, the location you are trying to request may be unavailable on the date/time that you are requesting. Additionally, not all locations are available to request during specific timeframes. For example, academic locations are not available during the Registrar’s blackout prior to add/drop.

Once your event has been saved, you may go back and edit the event NAME, TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields as needed. You will need to contact the Conferencing and Event Office to edit any other additional fields.

Most event requests need to be approved and will not populate on the calendar until approval has been granted. Also note, the system requires sufficient time to “refresh.” Please do not submit duplicate event requests for the same event, as this may slow the process. All event requests require detailed information for event set up, tech needs, layouts, etc. to be approved.

Yes, UMass Dartmouth does provide guest housing during the summer term (first week of June to the first week of August). For more information, please contact the Conferencing & Events Office.

If you are looking for housing during the academic year the Conferencing and Events office can assist with local hotels.

Yes, all events planning to serve alcohol must request approval via the UPST Travel and Expense Program website. Event will need to be signed off on by Supervisor, Vice Chancellor of A&F, and the Chief of Police.

Contact the Conferencing & Event Services Office as soon as you know your event will be cancelled.

UMass Dartmouth Catering and Dining Services is the exclusive food and beverage vendor on university property. The requirement that UMass Dartmouth Catering provide all food services on campus reduces risk, makes certain that food and beverage service meets university standards, and provides our community with safety assurance.

For catering details and orders, log onto Chartwells to get started.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Catering Office 508-910-6430.

Book an event

Internal events are for staff, faculty, and students to book a room on-campus. Private events are non-university related events, such as a family party. 

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