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Telephone policy

One of the most vital contributions to efficiency at UMass Dartmouth is effective communications use. Therefore, all personnel should be thoroughly familiar with the proper use of their telephone service. The new campus directory has been published with this goal in mind.

Responsibility for the proper use, care, and safeguarding of telephone equipment rests with the individual in whose office or under whose care telephones are installed. Accordingly, tampering with, moving, adding, or changing telephone equipment is prohibited except by or as directed by university CITS employees.

Personal Telephone Calls

A personal telephone call is defined as one having no direct or indirect bearing upon the business of University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. University telephone lines must be kept free for the heavy volume of business calls they must carry. In this regard, the placing of personal telephone calls from university telephones is prohibited. The Office of the Director of Administration Support Services has installed electronic equipment which "captures" all outgoing calls and will provide division and department heads with a complete record of such calls originating over university lines within each activity. This information will serve as a management tool to identify instances of personal calling abuse for appropriate corrective action. Public pay telephones located in all university buildings are to be used for personal calls.

Collect Calls

Accepting collect calls on university telephones is prohibited.

Telephone Dialing Instructions

To contact any office from off-campus telephones, use the following method of dialing:

  • For extensions starting with 1400-3800, dial 774-929-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 4001-6901 dial, 508-910-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 8000-8999, dial 508-999-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 9000-9099, dial 508-910-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 9100-9200, dial 508-999-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 9500-9599, dial 508-910-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 9600-9699, dial 508-990-xxxx
  • For extensions starting with 9800-9899, dial 508-910-xxxx

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Charging calls from an off-campus number to a UMass Dartmouth number is prohibited by the Commonwealth and by UMass Dartmouth.

International Calls

An international call requires approval from the division or department head.

Directory Assistance

A charge of 60 cents per call is now applied to UMass Dartmouth for directory assistance calls outside Massachusetts. For directory assistance dial "0" for the UMass Dartmouth voice directory, or the operator who can provide information.

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