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Family Information

Dependent family members 

If you will be bringing dependent family members (spouse/children) to UMass Dartmouth with you, please notify us immediately. The information below will help prepare for their visit:

Who are your dependent family members?

  • Spouses and unmarried children under age 21 
    • Not household servants 
    • Not parents or siblings

What's required to bring them to the U.S.?

  • Proof of sufficient funds to provide for their living expenses while in the U.S.; please use this .
  • Information for each family member; please give us:
    • The full name
    • Date and place of birth
    • Country of citizenship
    • Relationship to you
  • A Form I-20 in their names to use in applying for the F-2 visa; our office will prepare this form once we have the necessary information.

What about work and study for dependent family members?

  • The F-2 visa does not allow work under any circumstances
  • The F-2 visa does allow study.  Please review this U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) information.                                           
  • An assistantship award (a form of employment while studying) is possible only after change of status to an F-1 visa.
  • The International Student & Scholar Center can help with the change-of-status application.  

Other Relatives?

A family member who is not a minor child or spouse and wants to visit the U.S. may request a B-2 tourist visa.  The application process is explained on the U.S. Department of State website.  

Special requirements for children

  • Any child 6 years of age or older must attend school and may begin as early as age 5.
    • The public schools in Dartmouth and nearby are free of charge and of good quality.
  • School age children must bring:
    • Certified copies of their birth certificate(s)
    • Record of
      • The immunizations can be obtained from doctors in the area, but you must pay for these and the costs are high.
    • School records, in English, if possible; you can also translate for school officials

Health Insurance & Health Care

You must add your dependents to your UMass Dartmouth Student Health Insurance policy.

  • Your health insurance policy gives a list of approved doctors, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories (Preferred Providers); 80% to 100% of the cost of their services to your dependents is usually covered under your policy.  If you or your dependents see a provider not on the approved list, you will pay more for those services. 
  • St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, Southcoast Health Urgent Care and the Dartmouth Medical Walk-In Clinic are the closest off-campus health facilities.
  • Students are responsible for the fees charged at these off-campus facilities beyond what the plan covers.  Therefore, you should be prepared to pay part of the bill yourself and then seek reimbursement as necessary from your insurance provider.

More information can be found on the Health Services website. Avoiding Immigration Scams

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