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Web Content Basics

Formatting text

  • Align your text along the left margin
  • Break up your content into brief chunks
  • Use headings to indicate topics
  • Begin headings with H2; use H3, boldface to divide the topic further, as needed
  • Use bulleted lists for a series of 2 or more items

Never use:

  • Underlined text
  • Centered text
  • Colored text
  • All uppercase text
  • H1 headings


The website is already coded for correct and consistent spacing for you.  Please do not use extra returns for additional spacing between lines and/or paragraphs.  This ensures we keep consistency between all university pages and sites.

Note: Please keep in mind that the HTML editor looks slightly different from the published site.  You can preview your page before publish to see how it will look on the live site.


  • Ensure that all links work (check preview and the published page)
  • Link text should explain the link ("Life on campus")
  • Do not use "click here" or a URL for link text
  • Select "new window" for external links

More information

More information

Marketing support

Access templates, presentation tools and submit marketing job requests.

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