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External Resources & National Scholarships

Jacob Miller '16 reflects on the benefits of national scholarships

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

CUR provides support and professional development opportunities for students.

Through CUR, you can locate:

Other External Funding Sources

Numerous groups outside UMass Dartmouth provide funding for undergraduate research

  • Federal agencies (eg. NSF)
  • Professional societies
  • Private foundations

National scholarships and UMassD contacts

Harry S. Truman Scholarship
contact Prof. Pamela Karimi

Barry Goldwater Scholarship
contact Prof. David Manke, Chemistry

contact Prof. Shannon L. Jenkins, Political Science

Marshall Scholarship
contact Prof. Pamela Karimi, OUR

All art and museum grants
contact Prof. Pamela Karimi, Art History and Media Studies & OUR

The Washington Center
contact Amelia Alburn (Director of Experiential Learning and Internship Development), Career Center

Smart Scholarship Program

contact Prof. Lance Fiondella

Watch this YouTube video by Prof. Fiondella which provides an overview of the DoD SMART Scholarship:

DoD SMART Scholarship: An overview for student applicants

External Funding Opportunities in Life Sciences

(Comprehensive list of opportunities compiled and maintained by Professor Pia Moisander of the Biology Department)

In addition to these listed sources, you may have found other organizations that provide funding for undergraduate research. See your faculty advisor and OUR for help.

External Summer Research Opportunities for STEM and Healthcare

Explore a wide range of summer research and internship opportunities across all states in the U.S., specifically tailored for STEM and healthcare students. 

If you have questions about the funding opportunities listed below, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research,

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