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Why do research

Getting started

Research requires a curious mind and a passion for knowledge. Our professors continually search for eager students who can commit their time and energy into research. Once you have decided on a particular topic:

Get information on your topic & learn to write grant proposals

Find your mentor

  • Check out the faculty on the UMassD website.
  • Ask professors and department chairs - who is researching your topic right now?
  • Contact professors to talk about opportunities.

An opportunity for in-depth study

Original research lets you:

  • Solve problems in an area of your own interest.
  • Make new discoveries and create new artifacts.
  • Interact with research faculty outside of the classroom.
  • Demonstrate your intellectual dedication and academic skills to:
    • Future employers.
    • Graduate programs.
    • Internship directors

 Other benefits include:

  • Enhancement of the classroom experience.
    • Improve time management
    • Develop skills:
      • Analytical ability
      • Writing and communication
      • Leadership and teamwork
  • Exposure to the world.
    • Attend local, national, and international conferences
    • Present your discoveries in posters and talks
    • Prepare your work for publication
    • Develop websites to broadcast your findings
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