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Policy Worksheet Instructions

The “Author” is the person primarily responsible for drafting the policy. The author will need to start filling in the  Policy Worksheet – request form.  Listed below are the instructions by line number.


  1. Author fills in proposed title.
  2. Name of person moving it forward to the proponent Vice Chancellor (usually Author).
  3. Author checks the box as to whether this is a new policy or revised policy. *
  4. Author checks the box as to whether this is an academic or an administrative policy.
  5. Fill in two or three sentences as to why the policy is being amended or created. An example might be “Massachusetts law requires our policy to be amended with respect to ______.”
  6. The Vice Chancellor can recommend who will be responsible for an initial review of a policy and recommend other offices necessary for review at this point in the process.
  7. The name of the office to which the draft policy is sent for review and the date that the review is completed.
  8. List of method(s) used for distribution. Examples, where the policy will be posted, or how it will be distributed (memo or email etc.)  or a meeting is needed.
  9. The VCAF signs off on this line after reviewing the text and lines 1-8 on the worksheet and sends the paper worksheet along with the draft of the policy to all the Vice Chancellors for review prior to the Vice Chancellors Meeting.
  10. It may be determined that the policy needs to be reviewed by General Counsel. This section is to be filled out after the legal review is complete.

*Note on formatting of amended policies

The amended policy should clearly show what words are being added to the policy and what words are being deleted.  This can be done with Microsoft Word “Tools-Track Changes” or by highlighting the additions in bold (or a color) and use strikethroughs to show what words are being deleted. Highlighting all in yellow is not the best choice. Please submit the changes all on one document rather than in several documents. See also UMD Guidelines for Drafting and Editing University Policies.

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