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Policy Worksheet

The author of the policy will need to fill in the policy worksheet.
The policy worksheet must be attached when submitting the policy proposal.
Policy Worksheet Instructions
Worksheet Template (Excel)

Title of Policy: 1
Submitted to VC by: 2
New Policy Revised Policy* 3
Academic Policy Administrative Policy: 4
Reason for change to old policy or adoption of new policy: 5
Reviewed by Vice Chancellor: 6
Review by other offices as recommended by VC
Reviewing office: Date: 7
Reviewing office: Date:
Dissemination Mechanism: 8
Approved by VCAF to go forward Date: Initials: 9
General Counsel Review: Date: Initials: 10

Note on formatting of amended policies:

The amended policy should clearly show what words are being added to the policy and what words are being deleted. This can be done with "Tools-Track Changes" in Microsoft Word, or by highlighting the additions in bold (or a color) and use strikethroughs to show what words are being deleted. Highlighting all in yellow is not the best choice. Please submit the changes all on one document rather than in several documents.

See also UMD Guidelines for Drafting and Editing University Policies

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