Importing Animals from Non-Approved Sources

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General Policy

All animals coming into any animal facility from a non-approved source (e.g., universities, hospitals, non-approved vendors) must have prior approval from a veterinarian before they can be received. To obtain approval, the Principal Investigator must first have a current IACUC-approved protocol. A list of approved animal sources may be obtained from the veterinarian.

The PI will obtain health information for the intended animals from the exporting institutions veterinarian. This should be confirmed by the exporting institution veterinarians signature on the health report. Once received, the PI will send the health report to the IACUC  veterinarian for review. If the veterinarian approves the report (i.e., animals are free of all unwanted pathogens), the PI will have approval to coordinate with the exporting institution to have the shipment sent to the rodent quarantine room.

The veterinarian along with the specific facility manager will coordinate the receipt and quarantine of these animals prior to being shipped to the institution.

Specific requirements and procedures for quarantine are documented in the IACUC Policy on Quarantine and Stabilization