Transportation of Animals

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General Policy

All animal transportation within the University, and to and from the University, will be in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and current accreditation standards.

Transportation of research animals within the institution must be done in a discreet and protected manner, to minimize contact between the animal and non-research staff, patients, and the public. All animals must be completely enclosed in a container or covered while on a transport device approved by the veterinarians. Small yet possibly vocal species (e.g., rabbits) must be sedated or anesthetized so no sound or motion is evident prior to transportation within the institutions buildings.

Transportation of research animals between campuses and to and from other destinations must be performed in an IACUC-approved vehicle or by a third party contracted to provide such transport through the veterinarian. A request for such animal transportation is made to the Animal Transport Coordinator. In cases involving transport for frequent training or imaging sessions of larger species, research staff may perform such transportation in an approved vehicle only after proper training is provided and the approval of the veterinarian has been obtained.