Multidisciplinary Seed Funding Awardees 2015

Christopher Brigham (BNG), Vijaya Chalivendra (MNE), Tracie Ferreira (BNG): $12,100.00“Degradation and Biocompatibility of Microbially Synthesized Poly(hydroxbutyrate-co-hydroxyhexanoate) polymer: Impact on Mechanical Stability and Medical Applications”

Lance Fiondella (ECE), Firas Khatib (CIS): $19,999.00
“Crowdsourcing of Science & Engineering Problems”

Caterina Miraglia (MLS), Aminda O’Hare (PSY), Kyle Riding (MLS): $18,132.40“Perceived and Biological Stress Markers as Related to Student Performance”

Pia Moisander (BIO), Mark Altabet (DEOS)$24,126.00 “Marine Paleomics – A Promising New Approach for Exploring Biological and Living Marine Resource Responses to Climate Change”

Alexis Teagarden (ENL), Kari Mofford (LIB), Anicca Cox (ENL), Hillary Kraus (LIB), Michael Carlozzi (ENL):$21,400.00“Enhancing Library-Classroom Collaborations to Improve Students’ Information Literacy”

Milana Vasudev (BNG), Vijaya Chalivendra (MNE), Maricris Mayes (CHM): $25,080.00 “Non-invasive Detection of Biomolecule Secretion from Living Cells Using Peptide Nanotube Arrays”