Multidisciplinary Seed Funding Awardees 2016

Chris Brigham (PI:BNG), Mark Silby (Co-PI: BIO), & Vanni Bucci (Co-PI: BIO)
Award: $ 21,000.00
Project: " Engineered microbial strains to produce alkane biofuels"

Lance Fiondella (PI:ECE), Caitlin Stover (Co-PI:NUR), Elizabeth Richardson (Co-PI:PSY), & Julie Parker (Co-PI: Center for Women)
Award: $14,999.00
Project: "Technologies to support the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault"

Jennifer Fugate (PI:PSY), Shakhnoza Kayumova (Co-PI: STM)
Award: $25,412.50
Project: "Teaching Emotion Vocabulary to Reduce Emotional Granularity and Improve Emotional Health"

Lamya Karim (PI:BNG), Vijaya Chalivendra (Co-PI:MNE), & Arghavan Louhghala (Co-PI:CEE)
Award: $29,130.00
Project: "Mechanical Behavior of bone in a stimulated diabetic state"

Mehdi Raessi (PI:MNE), Yanlia Chen (Co-PI:MTH) 
Award: $34,497.00
Project: "Development of a reduced-basis, physics-driven model for fuel spray-wall interaction in internal combustion engines"

Milana Vasudev (PI:BNE), Tracie Ferreira (Co-PI: BNE), & Catherine Neto (Co-PI: CHM)
Award: $24,000.00
Project: "Nanoparticle delivery of anti-cancer cranberry constitutes"