Welcome to the UMass Dartmouth College Now/START Program

collage of College Now students working and graduating

The College Now/START Program is the Alternative Admissions program for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. It is an exciting academic program designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop academically and receive support as they work towards success at the University.

The program operates from a family perspective, so that we may truly know our students and provide individual support to them throughout the academic year. The College Now/START staff consists of trained counselors and clerical support staff who are always ready to lend their helping hands. Students participating in the program experience a special professional bond with our staff and with their peers.

The College Now/START Program provides a second chance for growth and development through individual and group experiences that aid the students' success.

We welcome your visit and encourage your desire for an education. As you review our program information, remember: "education is the key to success."

Alternative Admissions
College Now/ START Program