Welcome Students

We offer our students a variety of services including individual, couples, and group counseling. Please use the left menu to navigate to specific sections about confidentiality, cancellations, and making an appointment.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to help students with a variety of concerns. Most commonly students seek help because they are experiencing academic difficulties, including time management issues, concentration problems, lack of motivation, selection of a major or questions about study skills. Others are having trouble adjusting to college life or are having conflict with a roommate or their parents. In addition, many of our clients have specific concerns related to such issues as depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse, or eating concerns.

Couples Counseling

Relationship difficulties can be a major source of stress and academic disruption for students. The goal of brief treatment for couples is to focus on current concerns to promote further growth and relieve some of the emotional discomfort that comes from relationship conflicts.

Group Experiences

Our groups generally are comprised of 6-10 students and are typically led by two therapists. Groups meet for 60-90 minutes every week. Group therapy at the counseling center is not focused on one particular topic for each group, so a variety of issues may be addressed in any one of our groups. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe as well as challenging place in which to work on personal and interpersonal concerns. To join a group ask your individual counselor or call 508-999-8650 to make an initial appointment. The Spring 2012 group schedule is:

Monday 2-3:30p, Tuesday 3:30-5p, Wednesday 9:30-11a & 2:30-4p, Thursday 1-2:30p & 3:30-5p, Friday 10:30-12p. 

Medication Evaluation and Monitoring

The Center provides individual sessions with our consulting psychiatrist for initial psychiatric assessments and follow-up visits for monitoring of students who are prescribed psychiatric medications. Sessions with our consulting psychiatrist are billed through the student's health insurance provider and the student's copayment is waived.

A student previously diagnosed with ADHD who are currently on medication will need to work out a plan with his/her treatment provider regarding maintenance medication while the student is away at college. At this time, UMD's Counseling Center does not provide maintenance medication for students with ADHD. The Counseling Center will evaluate students who suspect they may have ADHD and make referrals to our psychiatrist when appropriate. Once students who are diagnosed with ADHD are on a stable medication regimen, they will be referred to their PCP or an off-campus psychiatrist for maintenance medication.

Students previously diagnosed with ADHD, who have been off medication for some time or perhaps made the decision not to use medication, but who now wish to be treated with medication, can be referred to our psychiatrist to discuss restarting or initiating medication. The student will need to meet with a counselor to complete a preliminary assessment before being referred to the Center's psychiatrist. Once students are on a stable medication regimen, they then will be referred off-campus for maintenance medication.

Workshops and Seminars

The Center's staff provides workshops and seminars pertinent to college counseling and college life on such topics as overcoming procrastination, improving memory skills, time management and reducing stress.