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Making an Appointment

Intake Appointments

Students can schedule intake appointments by calling 508.999.8648 or 8650.  Our hours of operation during the Coronavirus pandemic are 9-5, Monday through Friday.  The Center's receptionists will ask you about the kind of counseling you are seeking (individual or group) and will place you on an appropriate staff member's schedule. Intake appointments will usually be scheduled within a week, though non-emergency appointments during the mid semester onward may be delayed by two or more weeks due to limited staffing resources and high demand. If you are in need of immediate help, inform our staff so that we can connect you to the appropriate resources immediately.

It is essential that you arrive promptly for your first appointment in order to allow sufficient time to complete the necessary paperwork.  During the pandemic, students will receieve instructions on how to fill these forms out remotely.  The initial paperwork includes filling out a demographic form and symptoms checklist. You will also be provided with information about the Counseling Center policies, confidentiality and client rights and responsibilities.

The intake appointment will provide you with an opportunity to talk confidentially with a counselor about your immediate concerns. During the initial session your intake counselor will obtain information about your present problems, relevant history and goals. At the end of the appointment, you and your intake counselor will decide on an appropriate course of action. Typical plans might include subsequent sessions with one of the Center's counselors, participation in one of the Center's groups or workshops, a referral to our consulting psychiatrist, or referrals to additional on-campus resources.

When the Center is unable to provide the type of service you need or request, we will refer you to an appropriate community-based provider or agency and assist you in obtaining services.

Urgent-Care Appointments

The Counseling Center also has daily Urgent-Care hours from 1pm to 4pm. Urgent-Care appointments are available for students who are unable to wait for a regular appointment due to feeling overwhelmed by acute personal problems. Students are seen on short notice and the amount of time available for each student depends on level of need and the number of students who come for Urgent-Care that day.

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