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Join the community of over 2 million students and individuals who use WellTrack to take control of their mental health!

WellTrack is designed to help you understand your mental health and to provide you with the help that you need right now. WellTrack is a suite of online tools and courses that uses aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you identify, understand and address issues that you are having.

WellTrack can help you get better and maintain your mental health in five easy steps.

1. Wellness Assessment

2. Self Help Therapy

3. WellTrack Tools

4. Track your Progress

5. Maintain your Mental Health

Click here to create an account using your UMassD credentials, then access the app from anywhere!

Alcohol and other drugs

Counseling Center staff members are available to meet with you to discuss your concerns about your own alcohol or drug use, or concerns you might have about someone else's use of drugs or alcohol. The Counseling Center staff is also available to speak to classes or other groups on topics related to substance abuse and chemical dependence. Learn more.

Community Resources and Referrals

Find providers and more information. Learn more about resources and referrals.

Medical Leave of Absence

A Medical Leave of Absence that is taken due to a mental health condition can ONLY be approved through the counseling center. Learn more about medical leave.

Resources for BIPOC Students

Explore resources compiled to address the mental health needs and barriers to service for our BIPOC students. Learn more about resources for BIPOC students.

COVID-19 Support

Support and resources for situations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MassSupport Network - English (PDF)

Consejería de Crisis - Español (PDF)

Programa de Aconselhamento em Crises - Portugues (PDF)

Cấp hỗ trợ cảm xúc, chiến lược đối phó, tài nguyên và thông tin cập -Tiếng Việt (PDF)

sipo emosyonel, siviv estrateji, resous, avec infomasyon sou-a-dat - Kreyòl ayisyen (PDF)

Self-Help Resources for Students

Check out these self-help resources that may be of interest and use to students including several external resources and links. Learn more about self-help resources.

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