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Community Resources and Referrals

Finding a Provider

If you are looking for a community provider in the local Dartmouth, MA area, please see our referral lists:

Community Therapist List 2022-2023 (PDF)

Psychiatrists and CNS 2022-2023 (PDF)

Access providers in your local area

Innopsych (Directory of therapists of color by state)

Psychology Today                                                            

National Register                                                             

American Psychological Association (APA)            

Please note, you can also login to your insurance carrier’s website and use their “Find a Doctor” feature.  Generally, you will enter “Behavioral Health” as the category of services and “Psychologist” (for therapy) or “Psychiatrist” (for medications) under type of provider.  You can then search by distance from your home and narrow down by areas of specialty if you desire.

Telehealth Resources

UMass Dartmouth's Blue Cross Blue Shield Telehealth:

Co-pays are waived for students with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).  Simply create an account through Well Connection, their telehealth platform. Telehealth, which offers convenience as well as the opportunity to avoid potential exposure to contagion, is included in the health plans of all BCBS members with telehealth benefits. They also have a 24/7 nurse hotline, which is available free to all members and offers a safe and convenient clinical resource for minor ailments or questions.

In the Well Connection platform, there are options for both medical and "behavioral" health, which is another term for mental health care.

Southcoast Telehealth

GIC Telehealth:

All GIC health carriers already offer telehealth capabilities to support remote access to care through telephone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

All carriers have been instructed to waive all telehealth copays to promote its use.

Check this list of telehealth resources by health carrier or look on the back of your GIC health insurance card.

AllWays Health Partners -

Fallon Health -

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care -

Health New England -

Tufts Health Plan - Via Teladoc app on the app store

UniCare -

Other Insurance or No Insurance

If you do not see your insurance company listed above, please call your insurance or go to your insurance company's website to determine whether they offer telehealth services.  This webpage will be updated as new telehealth resources are identified.

If you do not have insurance and are unable to come to the counseling center for an in-person session (due to feeling ill or due to distance, for example) please call us at 508-999-8648 and we will help to identify other ways that you may get your mental health needs met.

Resources for Homelessness and Other Useful Community Resources

Street Sheet - English

Folheto de Rua - Português

Hojas de Calle - Español

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