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 Module 6. How to certify your effort with ECRT

Module 6. How to certify your effort with ECRT

Note: You don't have to remember all of this. When you're ready to certify, you can refresh your memory with on-line guides and demonstration videos – easily found from within ECRT itself

Step 1. Open your Web browser and go to:  Enter your campus user ID and password.  This is the login name/password combination used to access your university email account. In the dropdown menu for campus location choose “Dartmouth”

Step 2.  On the ECRT Home Page, click the link that says: View Effort Card

Step 3. To certify your effort:

  • View the effort statement.
  • Determine your effort distribution for the period.  Note: the Effort Distribution must total 100%
  • Compare the required effort with the numbers in the Computed Effort/Certified Effort columns of the statement.
  • For each sponsored project:

If your contributed effort for any sponsored project differs from the number in the Computed Effort/Certified Effort columns by five percentage points or more, over-write the amount in the Certified Effort column by entering your estimate of the actual effort percentage for that project in the Certified Effort column (yellow highlight added for emphasis).

  • Click the Certify Checkboxes (blue highlight added for emphasis) button.
  • Click “Certify My Effort” button to complete.

Your statement will be forwarded to your effort coordinator for final processing.   Please note that all certification data must be entered as a whole number (i.e. 10).


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