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Ring Road Updates

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UMass Dartmouth's unique campus is based around Ring Road – the central thoroughfare connecting the campus community. As part of various campus capital planning initiatives, safety, accessibility, and efficacy upgrades to Ring Road can be found below.

Traffic Study

The University commissioned a Traffic Calming study conducted during the spring and summer of 2023. The recently completed report provided short and long-term recommendations to enhance the safety and security of our community. Many of the updates on this website are because of the study.  

Speed Bumps

During the spring of 2023, 10 portable speed bumps were installed to slow traffic on Ring Road's more densely populated side. In August, the temporary speed bumps were removed as permanent raised crosswalks and speed tables were installed.

Raised Crosswalks and Speed Tables

During August, 8 raised crosswalks and 16 speed tables were installed at strategic locations along Ring Road to maintain slow speeds and provide safer points to cross Ring Road.

Pedestrian Walkway

Parking has been removed along the densely populated side of Ring Road, and concrete barriers have been installed to create a protected walkway.


Signage has been installed at all crosswalks and speed tables. During the summer of 2023, additional signage, including radar speed awareness signs, was established to enhance safe travel on campus roads.  


Additional patrol cars are stationed at key points along Ring Road during the academic semesters to help moderate traffic speed. Warnings and tickets will be issued as necessary.

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