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Concered about how the campus is being maintained during the COVID-19 pandemic?  The Facilities Management department has prepared this document to assist in answering your questions.

COVID-19 Facilities FAQs


Facility Operations supports the University community by collaboratively creating and maintaining high level living, learning, and research environments that are sustainable, safe, and healthy.


Facility Operations is committed to developing and maintaining the University's unique physical environment in order to provide the students, faculty and staff with a world class college experience.


Facility Operations coordinates vital functions related to the usage, maintenance, repair, safety, utilities and energy management of the University. These functions are performed in conformance with all applicable codes, regulations, and business practices.

Department Scope of Work

From classrooms, laboratories, and administrative offices, to athletic facilities, function rooms, dining services and parking lots, we work diligently to keep the campus clean, safe, and attractive, while enabling the success of campus activities. Our initiatives incorporate environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling, use of renewable sources, and other green practices.

Our responsibilities and scope of work include:

  • Custodial Services and Housekeeping
  • Grounds and Landscaping
  • Snow Removal
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Utility Services
  • Locks, Keys and Access

New Key System Announcement

As part of Facilities Operations continued effort to improve customer service and enhance efficiencies and effectiveness within the Department, a new web based key request process has been established to replace our out of date and inefficient carbon copy paper process. By logging into your UMassD account, you can process, assign and track new and old key requests and view registered keys in your name. A link to the Facilities Key Management procedure is also available on the main page.

To create a new key request, go to key requests -> Facilities Key Management Procedures -> Go to Requests & Orders -> Select New Key Request -> Read the instructions on the form and fill in all fields -> Submit the request.

For more information watch this video.

Each person who needs a key, requires an individual request per person. One person may not order multiple sets of the same key. If you do not see the Building and Room you need a key for, please notify key control at

Direct supervisors, department heads, directors or deans will receive email notification to approve or deny requests of their subordinates. Once a request is approved, it is then sent to Facilities to be processed. During the process, the requester and the key holder will receive status notifications via email. Once a request is ready, you will receive an email for pick up, sign via tablet or electronic signature pad, and a receipt will be emailed to you and a copy stored electronically. Virtually paperless process!

This process will eliminate the need to pick up a key request form from the Facilities Trailer, go back to your office to complete the form and have your supervisor authorize the request, and then return the form to facilities for production. It is a real time saver for the Department and our customers.