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Energy & Utility Services

Energy & Utility Services at Infrastructure & Energy Management play a vital role in ensuring the campus operates efficiently and effectively in terms of energy consumption. Our responsibilities encompass a range of tasks aimed at optimizing energy usage and cost-effectiveness. We begin by verifying utility rates and conducting monthly bill audits to ensure accuracy. Additionally, we provide comprehensive energy cost information for buildings and cost centers, enabling better financial planning and budgeting. Our team actively identifies potential operations and maintenance issues and recommends improvements to enhance energy efficiency. We evaluate past energy projects to assess their effectiveness and learn from them.

Through our expertise, we advise on energy conservation measures and system efficiency enhancements. We also assist with electrical and gas contract negotiations and explore energy-related grant opportunities; we offer guidance for load shedding requests to effectively manage energy usage during peak periods. In terms of infrastructure, we oversee the safe and efficient operation of central Steam Boiler and Chiller Plants. We ensure the distribution of steam, chilled water, and electrical energy to all buildings for heating and cooling purposes. Furthermore, we manage the distribution of other central utilities, such as natural gas, steam, and compressed air, which are crucial for laboratory use. 

Our team also oversees the operation of digital control systems for the Central Plant and numerous educational, laboratory, and administrative buildings. Through our comprehensive services, we strive to optimize energy utilization and contribute to a sustainable and efficient campus environment.

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