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Facilities Operation's normal hours of operation for staff assigned on first shift is 6am to 2pm, office hours (post COVID-19) are 8am to 4pm, and second shift staff is 3pm to 11pm. During normal first shift working hours, urgent calls should be placed to the Facilities trailer at 8100. From there, it will triaged to the appropriate trade and communicated to Facilities Management. This process can be found on our web site. After 4pm calls are made to DPS at 8107, if the issue is routine the dispatchers will call our call service provider, Executel, directly and they will dispatch the appropriate trade. If the issue is emergent the dispatcher contacts the Facilities On Call Phone (FOC). This phone is manned on a 7day, 24-hour, 365 day/year basis on a rotational basis by Facilities 3 ESU mangers. The FOC contacts Executel to dispatch staff and requests them to be notified when on site. If the issue warrants it, the manager will come in as well to assess the situation. It is important to utilize the process to make sure the Union staff rotation is maintained, and there is clear documentation of the issue and timing of the event.

Brian Hadley

Assistant Director

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2 004



Doreen Arruda

Facilities Operations Manager

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2 005



Donna Gilman

Administrative Assistant I

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2



John Burke

Assistant Director

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2 009



Jamie Jacquart he/him/his

Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability

Facilities Management
Roberts Hall



James Jerue Jr

Associate Vice Chancellor

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2



Jeffrey Louro

Director of Capital Projects

Campus Master Planning / Capital Projects
Claire T. Carney Library 242



John Saunders

Facilities Manager

Facilities Operations
Star Store, New Bedford B48



Skelly Desorcy

Administrative Assistant I

Facilities Management
Modular Unit #2