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CEMS Chemical Inventory

CEMS Chemical Inventory System

The University established a Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) to oversee the implementation of a Chemical Hygiene Plan which shall stipulate all work practices, policies, and procedures intended to minimize hazardous chemical exposure to laboratory workers. This includes maintaining chemical inventory compliance in campus laboratories. 

As an initial compliance requirement, each lab MUST have designated a Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO).  CHOs are responsible for conducting and managing chemical inventories. However, CHOs may work with other researchers to update chemical inventories on a regular basis. It is important to understand that campus chemical safety and regulatory compliance are the responsibility of EVERYONE working within a lab!

Finally, the CSC required all CHO to complete biannual chemical inventories for the areas under their responsibility. Please connect with EHS if you need assistance with meeting our chemical inventory deadline.

The following links provide guidance on accessing and maintaining your chemical inventory:


Q: How do I access the CEMS database?


Q: Do I need a username and login to access my lab's chemical inventory in CEMS? 

A: Yes! Please reach out to EHS at to set up a username and account. Make sure to introduce yourself and mention which lab you are a part of. 

Q: Are there tools or equipment needed to update my chemical inventory? 

A: Yes! Each new chemical that is purchased must include a CEMS barcode. In addition, EHS purchases and maintains a stock of barcode scanners that you can borrow. Barcode scanners are efficient and will help speed up the chemical inventory process. Reach out to EHS at if you need more barcodes or a scanner. 

Q: Now that I can access my lab's chemical inventory in CEMS and have the tools I need to get the job done, what exactly do I need to do? 

A: All chemicals in your inventory need to be evaluated and accounted for. First update the "evaluation date" for all existing chemicals that are already in your CEMS account. Second, add all new chemicals or chemicals that do not have barcodes to your CEMS account. Third, remove barcodes from empty containers and place on the "Disposal Log" in your lab (download & print log from link above).

Q: What should be included in my CEMS chemical inventory?

A: Chemical in original manufacturers' containers. Secondary containers such as vials, flasks etc. of chemicals while in-use do not apply. 

Q: I need help! What should I do?

A: Review the CEMS Quick Reference Guide (link posted above). Contact EHS at with all questions or to setup time to meet in the lab. 

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