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EHS promotes safe work practices in all campus laboratories and activities. Our team supports various campus stakeholders with the design and setup of laboratories, onboarding of new personnel, chemical inventory management, determining personal protective equipment requirements, conducting laboratory audits, chemical and biological waste management, various EHS trainings and much more!


Questions About Lab Waste Management? View Our Lab Waste Guide!


Lab Audit Program

Do You Have A Lab Audit Coming up? View Our Lab Audit Checklist

EHS conducts laboratory audits annually, however laboratory’s with high risk materials may necessitate more frequent audits. EHS will reachout to PI's and CHO's two weeks in advance to the scheduled audit date. 

Additional information on this program can be found in the Lab Audit Quick Guide. Contact EHS directly with any additional questions.


Q: How will I be notified of an upcoming lab audit?

A: EHS will notify the Primary Investigator (PI) or Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) at the beginning of the month to expect audit.

Note: The need for a follow-up inspection is determined by EHS. If necessary, the follow-up inspection will be scheduled no later than 30 days after receiving the Laboratory Safety Audit Report or by appointment.  EHS encourage at least one member of the laboratory to be present at the time of the follow-up.

Q: How can I prepare for the audit?

A: See the Audit Checklist posted above. This is the same document we will use for the audit, no surprises!

Q: How will I know what needs to be fixed or addressed after the audit?

A. After audit is completed, EHS will notify the PI or CHO that the audit report is now available and how to access their laboratory results. The results will contain follow-up actions with steps needed for remediation.

A. How long do I have to fix or address audit findings?

Q: The responsible laboratory personnel must respond within 30 days with the corrective actions in response to the audit findings.

Note: If findings are disregarded EHS reserves the right to bring this to the attention of the appropriate university leadership, including the Deans Office.


Chemical Hygiene Plan 

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