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Lab & Chemical Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety supports various campus departments with annual laboratory safety audits, chemical inventory management, chemical and biological waste management, and required EH&S trainings!

Laboratory Safety Frequently Used Links

EH&S has the below helpful documents posted in every laboratory on campus to help guide laboratory personnel with day-to-day operations. Please contact EH&S with further questions.

Required Laboratory Emergency Contact Signage

Note: If there are more than one PI/Professor who has authority to use indicated space, a sign must be filled out for EVERY PI/Professor:

Laboratory Safety Audits

EH&S conducts regular laboratory audits to ensure safe and effective practices are being upheld while performing work within a lab. Please find below the link for the lab audit checklist:

Chemical Hygiene Plan 

Access to Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be accessed via the chemical manufacturers' website or the CEMS Database. Notice: Different manufacturers may have a slightly different SDS.

Laboratory Coats

Clean laboratory coats are required to be worn at all times while performing any lab work. Lab personnel may reach out to their department's professional technicians for laundering services as needed to maintain the hygiene of laboratory coats. They may not be cleaned by staff members at private residences or public laundry facilities.

Lab coats should not be worn outside of the lab unless the individual is traveling directly to an adjacent lab work area. Lab coats should not be worn in common areas such as break rooms, offices, or restrooms. 

Laboratory Access

Lab access is granted on an individual basis. Depending on the type of access the lab has you will follow one of the steps below: 

Hard Key Access

  • Submit a request through the Facilities link via their Simple K software on the right hand side of your account. 

UMass Pass Access

  • Submit a request through the CITS Access Management Department via their IT Help ticket by logging into your UMass Dartmouth account. Follow the link below. 


Useful Documents

Useful Links


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