CIS 264: Software Qual Assuran&Testing

Prerequisite: MTH 181 or Instructor Permission

General Education requirement: Natural Science Technology

Quality: how to assure it and verify it, and the need for a culture of quality. Avoidance of errors and other quality problems. Inspections and reviews. Testing, verification and validation techniques. Process assurance vs. Product assurance. Quality process standards. Product and process assurance. Problem analysis and reporting. Statistical approaches to quality control.

2021 Spring
7282 01 Lecture 32 3.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 11:00 AM EST 12:15 PM EST Synchronous Online
Instructor: Amir Akhavan Masoumi Class status:
Prerequisite: MTH 181 or Instructor Permission
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Class instruction mode: On-Line

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