ENL 359: Tutoring Writing

Prerequsite: ENL 102

General Education requirement: 5B - Engagement

Theories and dynamics of writing consultation and course-based tutoring. Readings theorize the writing process, conflicting ideas about writing itself, as well as writing center history, theory, and practice. The course is highly interactive, calling on students to use readings as the grounding for the critical examination of writing consultant practices, as well as the co-construction of classroom discussions and activities. Field work (one hour per week) as a writing consultant is required.

2021 Fall
12549 01 Lecture 20 3.00
MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 12:00 PM EST 12:50 PM EST Liberal Arts 202
Instructor: Elisabeth Buck Class status:
Prerequsite: ENL 102
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Class instruction mode: In Person

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