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Lifelong relationships

What I liked best about Enactus was the bond between the different team members, the relationship we built with Dr. Ariguzo, and the great outings we had together such as competition and laser tag. JOIN—and don't wait until the last minute like I did—you will not regret it!

—Alexandra Francois, class of 2012

Inspiration, travel, and a job 

Not only did Enactus (formerly SIFE) help me get my job but it also gave me the opportunity to travel and meet others who are passionate about the work students can do to change the world. I was lucky enough to travel to New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Missouri and California for Enactus and its sponsoring companies. After witnessing what my fellow students could accomplish, I left with the inspiration to do more.

—Katherine Hurley, class of 2012

A compelling program

I founded an environmental engineering company called Aquapoint and have been involved with Enactus (formerly SIFE) for 4 years. I also received the Alumni Service Award from UMass Dartmouth. For all my activities on campus through the years, Enactus is the most compelling program with which I have been associated.

—Craig Lindell, President and Founder, Aquapoint

Getting ahead with Enactus experience

Being part of SIFE (now called Enactus) was one of the best things I did while in college. You get to network and get hands-on experience in the business world. Down the road while working, you'll find yourself using the skills you used in Enactus—and you can smile upon it and be glad you did it.

—Stacey Ho, class of 2009

Intellectually invested and emotionally energized

Several years ago I was invited to attend a SIFE, now Enactus, meeting and was immediately intellectually invested and emotionally energized by the process and the students who were developing their projects for the regional competition. 

In essence, Enactus gives each participating student the opportunity to receive real-world feedback on their projects from experienced business owners and corporate executives on critical topics such as long-term business planning, sales & marketing, business development, corporate ethics, and presentation skills.

I firmly believe, and my Business Advisory Board contemporaries would concur, getting involved with Enactus has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to engage and equally learn from a superb educational platform that has proudly produced three regional champions!

—Robert A. Santos, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch, Global Wealth Management

Pushed to succeed

When I heard about Enactus (formally SIFE) I knew I wanted to be a part of something that helped others and pushed me to succeed. I found my niche, learned and applied real skills that made an impact on my life and on those we helped. It helped motivate me to graduate while carving a positive path for others to follow. I learned valuable skills and made amazing connections that will follow me the rest of my life.

—Tom Barry, class of 2012

Using Enactus know-how locally and globally

I joined Enactus, formerly SIFE, as a sophomore. I learned of the group through my marketing course and joined because I saw the great networking and development opportunities. I quickly excelled in marketing which I thank in part to my active participation in Enactus.

At first I assisted in minor roles across a few projects. As I grew more confident in my skills, I ran for—and held—the VP chair and launched a new project for the organization. The project aimed to update an intricate business plan, improve product awareness, and increase sales at the Wampanoag Tribe's Shellfish Farm in Mashpee, MA.

Today I manage the marketing programs in North America for a global IT consulting firm that provides technology-enabled business solutions and services worldwide. Through Enactus I became very detail-oriented and gained the communications skills needed to succeed in my current role.

—Melissa Caulkins, class of 2011


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