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Get hands-on practical experienceEnactus meeting around the board table 2012

Learn by doing. Take what you learn in class and apply it to real life.

Make friends and get involved

Meet other motivated students. You'll have fun and feel a sense of camaraderie.

Add substance to your résumé

Get tangible, relevant experience to put on your résumé. You'll impress potential employers.

Stand out at interviews

Set yourself apart from other job applicants and students. Whether it's an interview for a job or for graduate school, you'll have unique experiences to talk about.

Network and develop professional connections

One of the best ways to find a job is through networking—meeting people and building professional relationships. Enactus gives you opportunities to meet business and community leaders.

Feel good about making a difference

By participating in Enactus projects, you'll help children, youth, adults, businesses, and non-profit organizations. What you do will matter.

Boost your confidence

Work in a team, achieve goals, and go beyond what ordinary students do.


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