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 Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects

Construction Activities

Spring 2016

  • Main Quad Steam line Replacement and Accessible Landscape upgrades
  • Charlton Learning Pavilion
  • SMAST Expansion
  • LARTS Learning Commons
  • Campus Center Book Store upgrades and Student Lounge
  • VIOL 206-208 Chemistry Research Labs
  • Summer - Winter Projects Completed

Classroom upgrades

Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects provides planning, design and oversight services for all new construction and renovation projects to ensure that these projects meet the university's programmatic needs, are technically sound, and are reasonably maintainable. CMP|CP provides a university-wide perspective and essential planning services for designing and planning the University's physical resources that support teaching and research.


  • To bring a university-wide perspective to the initiatives of individual colleges and departments so as to create a coherent campus and to address common institutional interests as well as individual client needs.
  • To integrate the requirements and needs of the academic enterprise with the practical realities and complexity of introducing change in the physical environment so as to arrive at workable plans and projects.
  • To manage feasibility and alternatives analysis in the early stages of the planning process that integrate physical planning and financial analysis to support decisions and to improve understanding of the trade-offs involved for different levels of the university.
  • To provide a range of planning, design, analytical, and technical expertise, and services not available elsewhere in the university that can be tapped by the central administration, colleges, and departments including design and design review, space planning and management, project management, master planning, interior design, standards development and legal compliance.
  • To guide central administration, school, and department clients through the complex internal and external processes that extend from project conception to implementation, including navigating, sequencing, and synchronizing the multi-party internal and external review and approval processes to bring plans and projects to completion.
  • To foster the critical communication, cooperation, and integration needed for the efficient functioning of the multi-disciplinary teams convened for project planning and execution.