Alteration/Renovation Projects

As many of the campus buildings and systems age, we will have much to do to maintain, upgrade utilities, and/or replace these buildings and utility systems.  These issues present quite a challenge when resources are so limited. Nevertheless, we must address these issues in a structured and timely way if we are to resolve them.

With the assistance of the Facilities Master Plan and other assessments, we have developed plans for the major capital projects to be undertaken and these plans are updated annually.  CMP|CP follows a process for prioritizing and addressing non-capital needs for alterations or small facilities improvements.

This process will allow us to:

  1. Consult with the users to determine their needs
  2. Implement standard practice of study and design prior to construction
  3. Determine realistic schedules and funding
  4. Prioritize projects campus wide
  5. Keep stakeholders and the campus community informed
  6. Apply consistent standards

The process, outlined below, will apply to all campus spaces.


Early October 

Requests due to CMP|CP. Complete the Alteration/Renovation Request form and submit to Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects (CMP|CP). Vice Chancellors, Deans and/or Directors may be required to have an internal review process within their division, college, or unit.

CMP|CP Review Period 

CMP|CP will review the requests. This review process will require consultation with the requester, so it is important that contact information be accurate.

In some cases, the request may be a routine maintenance project that will be passed on to Facilities Operations. The requester will be informed and that project will become a part of the routine Facilities Operations work order process. In some other cases, the request may be so expensive or complex that it could not be considered under our alteration or renovation project system. In those cases, the project may be included in our capital plan and the requester will be informed of that disposition. All other projects will be prioritized by CMP|CP based on the following criteria:

  • Priority One: Safety/Code Compliance Issue
  • Priority Two: Potential Safety Issue
  • Priority Three: Serious Functional Issue
  • Priority Four: Moderate Functional Issue
  • Priority Five: Functional and/or Aesthetic Enhancement

We are committed to a successful implementation of this new process. We will solicit your feedback each year, and we welcome your input and assistance at any time.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Crystal Bradwin or x6428.