Human Resources Team

Effective November 1st the Office of Human Resources began operating in a new HR service delivery model centered on increased partnerships, improved service, culture change, potential costs savings and a thoughtful programmatic approach to diversity and inclusion and cultural competence.  HR Business Partners are the foundation of the model and internally supported by the HR Centers of Excellence which include Organizational Behavior, Diversity & Inclusion and Labor Relations. 

On an interim basis, we will have some of the HR Leaders serve as business partners for the divisions.  Please note that each interim business partner will also continue in their leadership role for their respective areas of responsibility within the Office of Human Resources. I am very thankful for a team of leaders willing to take on this added level of responsibility as we await getting new business partners hired. Click here to view the HR Business Partners by Division.

Angela M. Callahan
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Talent and Diversity
(508) 999-8388

Susan Wilbur 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Employee Relations
(508) 999-8080

Kimberley Pennock 
Director of Human Resources Information Systems
(508) 999-8073

Tom Wallace
Director of Labor Relations
(508) 999-8081

Deborah Majewski
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Organizational Behavior
(508) 999-8081

David  Gomes
Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Cecilia Dursi
Director for HR Partnership

Joanne Costa
HR Generalist
(508) 999-9174

Elizabeth Sherry-Cozzone
Senior HR Coordinator/Generalist
(508) 910-6454

Leslie Mercure 
Recruitment Manager
(508) 910-6474

Danielle Drabble Almeida
HR Generalist
(508) 999-8118

Nancy Holsworth
Compensation Analyst
(508) 999-8178

Jayne Weingard
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst
(508) 999-8082

Sandra Escaleira
Benefits Specialist
(508) 999-8045

Brandy Vining
Human Resources Assistant
(508) 999-8061

Michelle O'Leary
Human Resources Data Assistant
(508) 999-8049

Payroll Questions should be addressed to the Payroll Office in Shrewsbury.  Telephone 774-455-7510 or email

Employment Verification is provided through The Work Number by Equifax, the nation’s leading employment verification service, to securely and instantly provide the verifications.  More information can be found here.