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2018 W-2 Availability 

Active employees can obtain their 2018 W-2 forms via HR Direct beginning on 1/18/19.  Paper copies will be mailed directly from the printing company to home addresses the week of 1/29/19.

2018 W-2 Information for Employees

W2 Attachment A - W-2 Benefits

As an added security measure, you will need to enter the last four digits of your social security number before you are granted access to your W-2.  If you are presented with a pop-up blocker and prompted to allow it, please do so.

You may also click on the UMass W2 Information link in Self Service to obtain a document which explains the details of your W-2 statement and filing instructions. 

The online W-2 is in an IRS approved PDF format.  This allows you to print it and submit it with your taxes without waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

For assistance with accessing your W-2 or for general W-2 questions, please contact the Payroll office at 774-455-7510 or


 NEW Tuition Benefit Form

We are pleased to announce that a new Tuition Credit eForm is now available for employee use.   The form can be completed online and digitally signed by both the employee and Human Resources.  Upon verification, the form will be sent back to the employee.  Not only will this save the employee a trip to our office but it will also provide a quick turnaround time.

Please visit our employee portal to obtain the forms.  Questions can be directed to Human Resources at 508-999-8060.

New Applicant Tracking System – Page Up

The university is implementing a new Applicant Tracking System.  This new system is called Page Up and offers a host of beneficial features such as electronic requisitioning and online workflow. 

Hiring Managers should utilize the new electronic requisition to start a search process as we are no longer accepting paper Position Authorization Forms

Go to to log in to Page Up to access the online requisition.  If you are not already logged on to the UMassD portal, you will need to enter your UMassD logon credentials.


University of Massachusetts System Online Training

The University of Massachusetts System has engaged LawRoom/Campus Clarity as its new Learning Management System to offer online training programs. 

Beginning October 18, 2017, the University of Massachusetts System will launch the mandatory state ethics training through LawRoom.  All employees will receive an invitation with instructions on how to launch their dashboard and this self-paced online course. 

As a Massachusetts state agency, all UMass Dartmouth employees must complete the state ethics training.  Although this will launch to the Dartmouth campus in October, the due date for completion of this exam is March 2018.  Subsequent reminders will be sent to ensure compliance by March 2018.

The LawRoom allows for campus reporting and tracking; therefore, it is not necessary for employees to print certificates and mail proof of completion to Human Resources as was necessary in the past.

Access this training on the Human Resources website at and click on the Employee Training Portal. 


New Background Check Company

The University of Massachusetts is pleased to announce that we have contracted with a new background check company.  Creative Services, Inc. will begin services with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth System including all campuses to provide all services related to background checks.  CSI is a locally owned company out of Mansfield, Massachusetts and has been in business for over forty years. CSI brings a wealth of knowledge regarding background checks and legal compliance. Our new relationship with CSI will begin on July 17, 2017.

Some of the highlights that CSI will bring to our University are as follows:

  • Quicker turnaround time
  • In-house general counsel
  • Ease of use for our new employees
  • Custom background check packages
  • Veteran account representative with over ten years of experience in background checks

There will be an increase of approximately $50.00 per background check.

The General Counsel’s Office has revised their language and recommended process.  All campuses have been advised to stop issuing job offers contingent upon successful background review.  Effective immediately, UMass Dartmouth will conduct a background check on all hires before extending a job offer.

Upon acceptance of a verbal offer, the Office of Human Resources will notify the candidate that they are a finalist for the position and start the process of a background check immediately.  Upon receipt of a successful background check, Human Resources will move to generate the appointment letter immediately.

If you have any questions regarding CSI or the background check process, please contact Leslie Mercure, Recruitment Manager at 508-910-6474.

Massachusetts Minimum Wage increased to $12.00 per hour effective January 1, 2019.

Automating Unapproved Time Reports

The university requires supervisors to approve time for their staff in HRDirect on a weekly basis. If these approvals do not happen in HRDirect in a timely manner, the system will “batch approve” the time to ensure that it meets payroll processing deadlines. Since the “batch approved” time was not affirmatively approved by a supervisor, it must be verified for accuracy. This post review process has been a manual, paper-based effort which resulted in the inefficient use of university resources.

To improve efficiencies, the university system has implemented an automated system for post review and approval of unapproved time. This will replace the manual paper process that has been previously used.

As of July 27th you will no longer receive paper reports via interoffice mail from Human Resources. You will receive an email notice from with a link to the Summit Reporting System. This will provide supervisors with an opportunity to review and approve online. By confirming the time in the Summit dashboard, you acknowledge that you reviewed the time.  Click here for a job aid to help with the steps of confirming time in Summit.

Ideally, time should be approved in HR Direct by noon every Monday. Otherwise, it will appear in Summit and will require action. If unapproved time still exists after 2 pay periods, an escalation email will be sent to the supervisor’s manager for awareness. Notifications will continue to be sent until the time has been confirmed.

Questions about confirming time in Summit can be directed to:

  • Michelle O'Leary, HR Data Assistant at x8049


NOTE: TIAA-CREF's phone number was misprinted on some documentation.  Their correct phone number is 800.842.2252.

A series of communications containing detailed information about the changes to the University’s 403(b) plans is being be sent directly to faculty and staff.  In addition, group educational seminars and individual meetings will be scheduled to further explain the plan changes and to offer counseling on retirement planning. Fidelity has committed to provide the University all necessary resources to achieve a high level of success and satisfaction with the plan changes.

Questions regarding the transition can be directed to the President's office at 774-455-7150 or


Massachusetts Sick Leave Law effective July 1, 2015 for temporary, non-benefited employees.

Click here to see the UMass Dartmouth Earned sick time notice or Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to see your rights under the Mass Sick Leave Law.
Click here ‌‌to see the Attorney General's rulings.

Payroll Processing

Forms that are received in Human Resources by payday WILL BE GUARANTEED to be processed for the following paycheck.  This creates a consistent schedule and conveys a clearly defined expectation to the campus of when payments will be processed.


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